09/21/2016: 30th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

01:30:  All done with my work for tonight.

06:45:  Up I am.  Shower anf ready I get.

08:00:  Out of the room we head.

08:05:  I check out.  Then back up to the second floor, across the skyway, and up to the sixth floor.

08:15:  I check in on the iPad at the myeloma and lymphoma clinic on the 6th floor of the main building.

08:18:  I get s text to go to the frontdesk 

08:19:  I get a text to go to the iris hallway and get my vitals taken.

08:22:  Vitals all done being taken.

08:24:  Micheal comes out and brings my mom and I to the back to the patient examination room.  He goes over the normal questions, any pain, falls, medication changes, etc.  All negative.

08:45:  Gia, the research nurse comes in and collects my journal and gives me a new journal.  She says Dr. Rodriguez is not they yet, but based on my bloodwork she will release my orders.

09:00:  Abey comes in and goes over the bloodwork which is good again.

09:35:  Dr. Rodriguez comes in.  Everything looks great as normal.  She says she will see me in 2 weeks.

09:45:  I check in on the eighth floor at the would care clinic to get my port accessed. I then head down to the second floor and check in on the second floor at the crtc for my drug infusion then back up to the eighth floor to get accessed.

10:25:  I get called back and get my port accessed.

10:35:  All done being accessed.  I need down back to the second floor to the crtc center for treatment.  I tell the frontdesk I am back and they send me back for vitals.

10:45:  I am assigned room 10.  I setup my laptop again as usual to work.  It takes forever to boot and I suspect something wrong.  I hold it up to my ear to listen to the hard drive and it is making a weird repetitive noise while trying to access the drive.  I turn off the computer and pack it back up as I will recover the contents later and not touch it now that way I have better chances of recovering everything   I get out my cell phone SD begin using it to follow up on emails and catch up on my blog.

12:00:  My nurse tells me she is running upstairs to the pharmacy to get my drug.

12:15:  She has my drug, does vitals, and calls another nurse for verification of me and the drug before administration.

12:25:  My drug administration begins.

12:30:  My lunch arrives, turkey sandwich, soup, fruits, drink, and chips.

13:05:  I finish updating my blog from yesterday and today.  Now time to eat.

13:25:  All done with the drug.

13:30:  All done being flushed.

13:35: Deaccessed.  Quick bathroom break and out we head.

13:55:  We stop for some frozen yogurt.

14:15:  All done with the yogurt out we head.

14:20:  We hit the skywalk and head over to the may’s clinic and Duncan building, out to the rail station.

14:35:  We arrive at the rail station and saw a train pull off as we approached.

14:40:  On the light rail.

14:53:  Off the light rail at the downtown transit center.

14:54:  At the 102 bus stop by the downtown transit center.

15:03:  On the bus.

16:15:  At the airport.

16:20:  At security.

16:25: Through the first checker.

16:35:  Through security.

16:40:  On the skyway to terminal A.

16:50: At the gate.

17:40:  Houston’s airport has great internet speed! 

17:45:  Boarding begins.

17:48:  Sitting in the plane in the big front seat.

18:14: Door closed.

18:15: Pushing back.

18:28: Takeoff

19:15:  Touchdown 

© Craig