10/20/2015: Heading to Houston.

10/20/15: Another day at the office.

22:15: I jump in the shower.

22:40: Heading out.

22:50: Stop at Exxon for drink for the trip.

23:10: At the Bus Station/Union Passenger Terminal..My wife and my mom drop us off.

23:25: I realize I forgot my wallet. I need my wallet for my license to get home. I. All moms phone and.my wife finds my wallet in the back seat.  They rush back.  Boarding has started.

23:39: My wallet is delivered thanks to my wife and my mom.  I swear these this drug has me abscent minded sometimes I am finding.

23:42: We are on the bus.



23:45: The bus backs out and pulls off.  We are on our way.

23:59: On the road to Houston.

© Craig