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Chemo Day #2: ~~~~ 10 More to Go

08/06/2012: 10:20: I am awake. 10:30: Still laying in bed, but following up with emails on my phone. 10:45: I am up out of bed and take Buster out. 10:50: I get a phone call from a client verifying some information. 11:10: Picking out my clothes for today. 11:20: About to jump in the shower.

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Chemo Day #1 + 13

08/05/2012: 6:20: I am barely awake, but my wife has work for 7:00 so I nudge her to wake up and fall back asleep. 10:40: My wife calls me on her break at work, which wakes me up.  Even though I am a little tired, my throat is dry, and I need to get up

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Chemo Day #1 + 12

08/04/2012: 6:45: I am awaken by my wife who is getting up to go to work. 7:00: My wife leaves the house, but too late, I am awake and Buster needs to go out. 7:15: I lay back in bed, but can’t fall back asleep.  It is also storming like crazy outside. 8:00:  My dad

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Chemo Day #1 + 11

08/03/2012: 10:00: I am awaken by my wife’s alarm since she has work.  I used to be able to get 6-8 hours of sleep with no issues waking up.  Ever since the symptoms started I noticed I need about 8-10 hours of sleep to be completely rested. 10:05: I am up out of bed and

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Chemo Day #1 + 10

08/02/2012: 10:00:  I am awake.  I wake my wife up as she has work in the morning, but she is not feeling good. 10:10: I get out of bed and I let Buster out. 10:30: My wife is still not feeling good and nauseated 🙁  Well she took care of me last week when I

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Chemo Day #1 + 9

8:50: I wake up to a vendor calling the office and just ignore it. 10:00: I am up and awake.  I take out Buster and prepare to get a shower. 10:15: A client emails and calls me about not being able to print.  I remote into the computer and change a setting on the printer,

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