08/09/2016: 27th Round Infusion at MD Anderson

05:05:  Up I am.

05:45:  Out the door we head, my Dad is dropping my wife and I off at the airport.

06:00:  At the airport.

06:05:  At the security check in agent.

06:20:  Through security.

06:30:  Waiting at terminal C5, while the Spirit Flight to Atlanta clears out of C6.

07:00:  Spirit Flight to Atlanta is boarded, so we switch over to gate C6 to sit and wait.

08:20:  Sitting on the plane in my big front seat.

08:37: Door closed.

08:40: Pushing back.

08:48:  On runway.

08:49:  Takeoff.

09:39:  Touchdown.

09:43:  Off the plane.

09:50: At the skyway.

09:52:  On the skyway.

09:55:  Off the skyway.

10:00: Bathroom break.

10:10: Waiting for the bus at the bus stop outside the airport.

10:30: The bus gets here.

10:43:  Off we go, heading to be city.

11:30: Off the bus, heading to the light rail station.

11:38:  At the light rail station, we see police mounted horses patrolling Main St.

11:40: On the light rail.

12:03: Off the light rail.

12:08: In the main building.

12:20: I check in at the Rotary House Hotel.

12:30:  In the room.  Catching up on some work and emails that I have gotten so far today.

13:45:  On my way to get my bloodwork.

13:50:  I check in for my bloodwork at the Main Building Diagnostic Center.

14:00:  They call me up asking if I am here for the bloodwork scheduled for tomorrow, It ell them that I am.

14:10:  I am called to the back.  They take 3 tubes of blood.

14:20:  All done with the blood.

14:30:  Back in the hotel room, picking back up on work.

17:00:  All done with work.  Time to head out and get something to eat.

17:15:  We head out of the room.  We head across the skywalk to the Duncan building, out the Duncan building

17:35:  On the lightrail.

18:00:  We get off the light rail and it is right at the Bombay Pizza Company.  Here they have a mixture of Italian and Indian food, an interesting combination.  I get a Lasagna, which does have some spices to it, but really good!  I also order a 12 inch pizza, thier pizza crust is real thin, pretty much their Indian bread as a crust, which gets thin and crispy when baked for an extended time and I have half the Mitul’s Masala which is Grilled Chicken, Spanish Chorizo and Mozzorella on Cumin Spiced Potato Gravy and Bombay Pizza Sauce, and the other half is the K. Renee which is Tandoori Spiced Shrimp, Fresh Crab Meat, Bell Peppers and Goat Cheese on Infused Olive Oil topped with Cilontro Mint Chutney and Fresh Cilantro.    A very good pizza!  I am stuffed after eating my pizza and lasagna.  Very good though, I’ll be back again!

19:42:  Out of the restaurant we head, we walk 2 or 3 blocks down to the next rail station to head out.

19:50:  We are on the rail heading back to MD Anderson.

20:12:  Off the light rail, we walk into the May’s Clinic, across the skywalk, through the main building, across another skywalk to the Rotary House.

20:35:  We eat our helping of Frozen Yogurt, a great dessert.

21:00:  All done with the Frozen Yogurt,  I head down stairs and print up my Spirit Airline tickets for the ride home.

21:10:  Back in the hotel room, laying in bed, working on the computer, ordering materials for upcoming projects.

22:00:  I take a nap.

23:30:  I wake up.  I walk back over the skyway to the main building to the Park which is opened 24/7 and grab some drinks.

23:55:  I am back in the hotel room back on the computer working.

23:59:  Another day done, but I am still working remotely.

© Craig