A Tuesday

12:10: My dad comes back home from adoration.

12:30: I have a temperature of 99.1 taken by my dad.

1:50: I have a temperature of 99.3 taken by my wife.

2:00: Goodnight….

8:30: I wake up, take Buster outside and then go by my computer, however, I am feeling a little weak and tired, so I better go sit back on the lazy-boy.

9:15: I have a temp of 99.1 taken by me. I also take a pain pill because I am almost 5 hours overdue and I can feel a dull throb starting up in my right shoulder/chest. I set my phone alarm for 10:00 and doze back off to sleep.

9:50:  I receive an email from a client which wakes me up.  I take care of the client’s email issue remotely on their server.

10:12: I get a call from my client who I was working on yesterday.  I gave them a few options of what we could do, and they would like for me to rebuild the computer.  So I will be headed over there after my doctor’s appointment.

10:15:  I am quickly updating this blog, then I am up to get dressed as I have a Dr. Appointment with my Internist, Dr. Yager at 11:00.

10:40: We leave the house, my wife is driving me to my appointment.

10:50: We park in the parking garage.

10:52: I sign in at the window and have a seat in the waiting room.

11:05: I am brought back to the patient room where my weight is taken. I am 243lbs.

11:20:  He comes back and sees me.  He wants to know when am I starting treatment, I told him I have an appointment with Dr. Veith tomorrow at 10:30.  He does his normal physical routine.  110/80 is my blood pressure.  He can hear some obstruction in the breathing, but better than what I was before, and he doesn’t want to do any additional steroids with me being so close to Chemo Treatment.  He wants me started as soon as possible because if I wait too long I will need to have a breathing tube put down my throat because of the tumor closing my trachea, and he would prefer not to do that, but to have the chemo started to shrink the tumor.

11:30: We move to his office, and I get my wife from the waiting room for the normal follow up in his office while he puts the info and notes into the computer and also makes the time frame for the next appointment. He also tells me that he does not want to see me less than 7-10 days after any chemo treatments.  So Its best to go a day or two before the next chemo treatment to meet with him.

11:40: We are out of the office.  I have my wife drive me over to Yenni Center.

11:50:  We get over to the Yenni Center, I try calling Debbie Schmitz, but she is out of the office, probably to lunch.  I take a walk around the 2nd floor of the Yenni Treatment Center to get familiar with the place.

12:15:  My wife and I get back into her car, and go over to my office.  I have a client with an issue across the hall from me that I need to take care of, and I also have to pick up a package of toner and a drum that I have to deliver to another client.

12:30: We arrive at the office.  I get the package from across the hall.  I then remote into the server and find that the file transfer program is not working as it should, so I restart it and then the issue of copying received faxes over to the proper folder is resolved.

12:45: I update my blog and answer a few emails that have come on.

1:15: I prepare to leave the office.

1:30:  We leave the office on the way to drop off the toner and then on to yesterday’s client.

2:00: We drop off the RMA package I have at Kinko’s

2:30: We drop the 2 toner cartridges and drum at a client’s location.

2:45: I arrive at the client’s location that I need to rebuild the machine.  There is one final piece of information that I need off of the computer, but the computer is infected with something else because the client tried using it this morning with no virus protection enabled and it in a basic mode so that I could copy the files I needed from it to the linux machine.

3:15:  I am finally able to restart the format process.  I am also working on my laptop following up with other client emails and starting some billing.  I also find a printer for a client and email them the info.

3:30:  My wife comes back to the client location to bring me my pain medication.  Being in a shirt is no fun with it rubbing against the port site.

5:00:  My mom and dad are coming back from the city where they are dropping off a fluffy bed top like seen in the hotels at the only dry cleaners in the city that does this large of fabric.  The top fills an entire 55 gallon garbage liner and you can barely close it.  Its just bulky and needs to be dry cleaned by the same company that does similar hotel laundry.  Since my white blood cell count will be lower once I start chemo, we are basically sanitizing anything and everything that will be in my room.

The real reason my mom is calling is because she knows that I haven’t eaten anything all day and she wants to bring us a smoothie while we are at the client’s office.  I get a muscle punch plus this time around.

I install all outstanding updates which takes about 1.5 hours.  Mean while I am still catching up on billing and admin work on my laptop, so not like I am fully devoting all my time to a reformat.

My goal was to be done for 8:00, however I knew it was going to take a little longer than that.  I just need to get one program to work while I am here before I leave, because it also requires using a usb mic/speaker to record dictations.

9:45:  No luck on getting it to work, I will have to find the original installation CD.  Hopefully it is just a bad copy of the installation CD to the server…  My wife and I head on home.

10:00: I get home.  My mom gets home not to much longer after us.  My wife is off to visit a friend, and I enjoy the left over food that my mom had from going out with a friend of hers for their usual Tuesday night outing.

10:30:  After eating I get ready to relax a little in the tub.  Almost able to get shower’s again.  Just gotta wait for the sterri strips to fall off before I really want to get the area wet.  Then I’ll be thankful for my 5 – 10 minutes showers and very quick 5 minute full head and face shave.  Oops, forgot, soon, i won’t be able to use a regular razor anymore, we’ll see how the battery operated ones hold up and how quick I can get a shave done.  I couldn’t remember if I took a pain pill for my minimal throbbing shoulder, I called my wife she didn’t remember giving me one, and I don’t remember taking one.  So I am 99% sure I haven’t taken one.  Oh well. time to take one.

11:00: I have a temperature of 101.1, time to get this temp down.  This is before even getting into the tub.  Guess it will be another cool bath night, can’t raise my temperature.

© Craig