Another Saturday


12:45: Transporter 3, talking with my dad, and just laying in the lazy-boy.

9:00:  I woke up and just laid in the lazy-boy for a while, as I didn’t feel like moving around yet.  When I finally did get up, I could feel the pain in my back from where the procedure was done yesterday. OUCH!  I walk around a little bit then back into the lazy-boy.

10:15: I wake up my wife as she has work for 11:00.

10:40: I get up and eat 2 sunny side up eggs that my mom had cooked for me.  YUMMY!

11:15: I turn on the TV and start watching the coverage from the Movie Massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

So where have I been all day, not updating the blog?  Well let me catch you up!

12:00: I grab my computer and start checking emails.  I review work that has to be done, along with some admin work.  I pay the cable bill for our internet and phone service.  I then make a payment on our company credit card.

1:00:  I take a break from the computer and watch some TV.

2:00:  I am back on the computer overlooking some website updates I need to do for a client.  I then update the website for the client and let them know of the changes.

3:00:  My parents leave for mass, just me at home.

3:15: OK, I am just exhausted, time for me to lay back and catch some ZzZzZzZzZ’s.

6:00: My parents come home and bring my wife and I some dinner.

6:15: I have my temp taken by my mom and have a 100.4 temp.

6:30: I take my last Percocet pill for my hip pain and my temp.  I also find Indiana Jones – The Raiders of the Lost Arc.

7:15: My wife comes home and we eat what my parents had brought home.

7:30: My parents go off to Walmart to pick up some hard candy for me to suck on during treatment to a mask some of the metal taste that some of the chemo drugs can produce when receiving it.

8:00:  Indiana Jones – The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

8:41: A friend from my gamin clan who goes by MattBaker calls me up and we talk for a little bit about how I am doing, the upcoming events, my business, and how everything is going.  He has been thinking about me and been praying for me.  I thank him for everything, once again, can never use too many prayers.  He has to go catch another call, but he tells me to keep up the good work and the fight, and he will be looking forward to reading my blog and keeping up with my daily events and progress.

9:30:  My parent’s come home.  They purchased some jolly ranchers, butter scotch, and 3 different bags of life savers.  Just something to give me a variety for the chemo.

10:15: I start working on catching up some billing and client work.

10:30:  I have a temp of 99.5 taken by my wife.

11:00: The Devil’s Advocate comes on TV next.



© Craig