Back To Work Again


8:40: I was awaken by a client calling.  I got up, not too painful, but I still know its there.

8:45: I returned the client’s phone call.  The computer wasn’t acting right, another virus on the computer.  Most of the viruses here come from opening up attachments from emails or clicking links.  Even though there is virus protection, it still gets around it.  I have seen this issue on a number of computer and it doesn’t matter what antivirus is running it still gets around it.  No desktop icons, no start menu.  The only way to get past this is to reboot into safemode, do a system restore to about a month ago, then do my different scans to completely remove the issue.  I started the system restore.

9:00: Another client called about being out of toner.  Luckily I have one in stock that I can deliver.  I will bring that out as soon as I am done with the above issue.

10:00: The system restore is complete.  I then had to update the scanning software on the computer before I could start. This computer is slow and needs to be replaced before the end of the year, but for now it still does its job.  For this reason I was waiting for the blue screen to pull the icons back up.

10:04:  I returned another client’s phone call about a desktop shortcut disappearing on a few computers.  I removed a software folder last night, that 99% contained install files for setting up new computers or reinstalling software on their current machines to make room on a drive that had only 7GB of space left to give them 15GB of space for today because I would be transferring 650GB of data to the new storage array tonight to free up space.  However 1 folder within the software folder was used daily by the local machines, so I added that one Software folder back that they needed which was only a few MBs so that they could get through today.  The Software folders will be complete copied back to their original locations tonight following the transfer of the other data away from the internal hard drives to the storage array.  I added the shortcuts back to the

10:25:  The computer I was working on wasn’t doing anything, but still had that same blue screen on it and the client called me to see if I was done, I asked the client to restart the computer so that I could complete the scans that I was working on to finish cleaning his computer.

10:30:  The computer came back up, I started the scan.  I then quickly updated today.

11:10:  Time to go get dressed for work and head to the office to finish the scan and then head out to deliver the toner.

11:45:  Arrived at the office and been busy every since.  Yesterday was Tuesday, and that’s usual Update Tuesday for Microsoft, so half of my computers were restarted and I had to log back in to start my streaming music from Sweeden, my surveillance cam monitor for my office, my desktop computer, a server for scanning, and the list goes on.  I also pulled the computer up that I was working on earlier, and watched that scan.

12:35:  A client came in and said they had issues with their main phones after Cox came in and added their original fax number ported from AT&T to their office.

12:50:  The computer I was watching finally finished scanning, I looked at what was removed, and removed a few things manually then restarted the computer and the client was back on the machine working.  I will finish up the last part of my scan/clean process tonight after hours.

1:10:  A client called about picking up a laptop, so as soon as she picks up this laptop I’ll head out deposit a check at the bank and then to drop off that toner.

1:15: The client came and picked up the laptop.

1:20:  I talked to a good friend of mine who also has his own computer repair business who’s in house guy just up and left over lunch break and sent an email saying that he wouldn’t be returning.  Could be extra possible work.  Anything extra is good right now…

2:00:  I headed out to uptown to drop of the toner that the client needed.  It was raining pretty bad today and traffic was moving slower than normal on the interstate.

2:30:  I arrived uptown at the office, went up to the 6th floor and put the toner into the fax machine.

3:00: Time to head back to my office, at least this time it is not raining as hard, just if people learned to drive and not break constantly for no reason in the rain, driving would be so much easier.

3:30:  I arrived back at my office, I went up to the third floor and took care of the client’s phone issue.  Cox had come today and hooked up their fax number, and the main number stopped working.  While Cox was there, they accidentally unplugged the power wire from the back of the voip convertor.   I plugged it back in and the phone lines were working again.

3:45:  I was back in my office and returning a phone call about an issue with a program shutting down whenever the client tried to use it.  It required some permission changing, but after a few changes the program started operating correctly.

4:25: I got an email saying that the video convertor threw an error while converting a video.  I will transfer the video to my computer and try to transfer the video to see if it is a possible issue with the video, the convertor, or the computer.

4:40:  The file finished transferring to my computer and I converted the video with no issue.  I will remote into the computers tonight and try transferring the video completely as an administrator on the Windows 7 computers and see if I can do it.

5:00: I started to catch up on billing for last week and this week.  I also had to make some payments on bills for the business.

6:23:  I am heading home, long day, I am exhausted…  Getting a little more tired, nothing stopping me, but the tired feeling is there…

6:40:  I arrive home.  Jambalaya with Turkey Sausage is cooking along with some Salmon.  However my sister’s friend, Alex’s mother is cooking dinner for us tonight.  Some roast, gravy, and rice along with some blueberry muffins.   Oh the food is so good!

8:30: Alex comes over and eats with us, Alex and my sister eat what my parent’s had cooked, the rest of us eat what Alex’s mom had cooked.  This roast was very flavorful and really good!

9:15:  We are done eating, mmm, the food was great!  Now I must finish setting up permissions on the storage array for the client, and copy over the files that are selected to be on the new storage array from the server, freeing up space on the server’s hard drives, and giving us an easier way to keep upgrading the storage by adding hard drives.

10:00:  The files are copying, but I am tired, so I am going to take a nap, and finish this when I wake up, or I am going to just take care of it in the morning when I wake up.  See you soon or tomorrow morning.

© Craig