Bedroom Prep Sunday


My wife had work for 7AM, and shortly after she left, I had a charlie horse in my right leg.  WOW, I haven’t had one of these in a very long time, painful.  I then was able to get back to sleep after it subsided.  I woke up again around 10:00 and just when I was about to get up another charlie horse attacked.  OUCH!  That one subsided and as soon as I went to move it hit again.  Each one getting more painful than the last 🙁  Wow what a rough start to a morning.

I was then finally able to get up and my youngest sister Sarah wanted me to go to church with her for 11:00, so I went with her.  We went down to St. Patrick’s Church on Camp St. in New Orleans.  Very nice church.  It was kept just a bit chilly as well which I liked.  I told my sister just because I went with her, they had a priest from Nigeria on a mission to get donations for his archdiocese from the United States.  He spoke about 15-20 minutes and I could understand about 7 out of every 10 words he was saying which didn’t make things too interesting.  After mass, as we were walking back to our car, my sister and I heard someone calling my name across the street.  Sure enough it was Dr. Jacob’s and his wife, they had gone to the same mass as well.  We crossed the street and talked to them for a few minutes before departing on the note that I would be seeing him again on Thursday for another check up.

We got back home and ate some chicken pasta and cauliflower in a brown gravy that my mother had cooked while we were out.

I then jumped on the computer and finished up last night’s post real quick and started today’s.  I am now off to working on the room, so that it can be completed tonight.  Since I have a bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday that they are going to enter from my back, I am going to want to have a nice bed to lay in on my stomach and just rest…  So off to the bedroom I go….

I picked up the screws and taped up the box that was holding them since it was falling apart. I then unpacked two boxes which contained my collectible M&M Characters. It was about 2:30, and my wife was just arriving home. She teased me with food that she brought home from work. The PET Scan I am taking tomorrow requires limiting your sugar intake and 24 hours before and fasting 12 hours before. I had just one helping if the pasta earlier and was starting to grow hungry again. She also brought home chocolate chip cookies. I told her great, figures, when i can’t eat the good stuff. I went back to cleaning and had her clear her nightstand and around it. She then dusted the night stand and we were ready to position the nightstand. My dad came back in and finished vacuumming and dusting the walls in the corner where the nightstand used to be. The way we set it up, everything was going to be a tight squeeze, but it could fit. We made it fit but decided it wasn’t feasible. We then moved a dresser across the room which freed up some space in the corner and gave us enough room to comfortably spread the 2 nightstands and bed out.

I then ate 2 scrambled eggs for dinner around 6:15 because i can’t eat anything with sugar really or it will distort the test results tomorrow for the PET Scan. Egg is strictly protein, nothing added to it, but it is food!

At this point I am just feeling tired, and not really feeling up to doing any more, but I know I have to do it all now. I put my work phone back on my nightstand along with my laptop, and my wide does the same to her side.

We then sort through my wife’s collection of shoe’s, pair them, and then arrange them. Next we strip the bed, we have a top layer hotel type padding on the bed that needs to be dry cleaned, so we bag that and put everything else in the washing machine. Since the upcoming chemo will lower my white blood cell count, I have to make sure everything in the room is as clean as can be going into the treatment.

For the most part, the room is now done and rearranged. Just some dirty clothes in a hamper that needs to be washed,and some clean clothes that need to be hung in the closest remain. However, I like the room set up this way.

Time for another bath, which at this point is hard to do because I am so tired, then falling asleep will be so easy tonight. I am going to bed hungry and my stomach is growling non stop, but that’s too bad because I can’t eat anything because of the PET Scan at 8 in the morning. Goodnight

© Craig