Bone Marrow Biopsy


Blah, I am not looking forward to the events of today at all.

8:00: Woke up.

8:15: Updated my blog for this morning and to setup this post to keep you updated on the events of today.

9:00: Left the house with my wife driving me to the hospital.

9:10: Checked in at the front desk for outpatient surgery.

9:20: Finished checking in and walked over to Endoscopy for further instructions and processing.

9:25: The nurse gives me more paperwork to fill out.

9:35: I finish filling out the paper work including all drugs I am taking and cancelling those I no longer take.

9:37: Back in the waiting room until they have a room ready for me.

9:53: Just sitting here waiting makes me sick to my stomach…

10:01: Jamie is distracting me with some Google talk about business plans.

10:15: In the room.

10:25: Changed into my hospital gown.

10:27: Laying in bed now.

10:33: The nurse comes back in and runs through all the questions in the computer and on the papers you filled out.

10:40: Waiting for anesthesia to come start the IV. After getting stuck three times yesterday and three times for my biopsy, I want some lidocane to numb up the area they are going to stick, or should I say attempt to stick.

11:00:  They roll me into the procedure room.  The nurse anesthetists is there and ready to stick me.  He asks me where they have had success sticking me in the past.  I told him that 2 weeks ago they got my left wrist.  I showed him the wound that you could still see from the IV on my left wrist.  He said he would aim for that spot.  He gave me some lidocane, then started to try to get my wrist started.  He was digging around.  He stuck me two times in the wrist, none of which I felt.  He then decided to try my anti-cubical area.  He gave me some more lidocane and tried in my anti-cubical area.  After digging around for about a minute he was finally able to get the IV started.  He hooked me up tot he drip, and I was good to go.  So once again, it took 3 pricks to get what they needed done.  I had three pricks for neck biopsy, three pricks for the PET scan and now three pricks for the bone marrow biopsy.  I guess three is the magic number, but I am not too happy about that number…  I prefer 1!

11:20:  The pathologist comes in and goes over the whole procedure with me.  He explains that I will first be put under complete IV sedation and I’ll be asleep.  My body may feel the pain, but I won’t and won’t remember it if I do.  He will go in through my back which has the least amount of tissue between my skin and the bone.  He said he will numb the skin, the underlying muscle and the bone, about a square inch.  He will then take a scalpel and make a make a 5mm incision in which he will then use a large needle to stick into my bone and take some blood from within my bone.  He will then take a larger needle and stick it into my spongy like bone marrow and take a sample of bone marrow for biopsy purposes.  He asked if I had any questions and I told him I did not.  Then he sat down to sign the paperwork that he had.  I then thought of a question and asked him that Dr. Laura Brinz said that she wanted a bone marrow biopsy of both hips.  The paperwork submitted by Dr. Brinz’s office said unilateral biopsy meaning that only one hip they would take a sample from.  The pathologist said that it was normal for Lymphoma patients to have both hips sampled.  He called Dr. Laura Brinz’s office and spoke with someone who told him yes that I was only supposed to have on hip done, OK, if she wants another one, I guess I’ll be back here next week.

11:30: Anesthesia started.

11:47: I am just waking up.

12:00: I am in recovery.

12:10:  I am given my clothes to get dressed.

12:15:  I am rolled out on a wheel chair to the car.  My mother and sister are picking me up to bring me home.

12:20:  We stop at Wendy’s for some real food.  Well fast food, I haven’t had fast food in a while.

12:30:  We are home, time to eat, FOOD IS GOOD 🙂

12:45:  I am in the lazy boy with a pillow behind me to apply more pressure to my back to make sure no bleeding occurs.  I should check the bandage from time to time to make sure that I am not bleeding and if I am, then I should call a doctor or head in to the emergency room.

1:00: I turn on the TV and watch the Cities of the Underworld on the History Channel about WWI and the trenches and under ground warfare.

1:50:  Time for me to take a nap, I am tired :/

Well so much for trying to nap, could never fall asleep, thinking too much…

4:00:  I got up to go to the bathroom and that’s when the first real pain hit.  I was feeling fine up until now, and when not moving, but getting up to move reminds me of the procedure I just had done.  I took some Hydrocodone that I had left over from my neck biopsy, which I find usually only takes the painful edge off, but doesn’t completely remove the pain, but oh well, what are you going to do…

5:30:  I finally dozed off.

6:30:  My wife woke me up by calling me and letting me know that she was on her way home.

7:00: Rambo II came on AMC, a great movie to watch, just can’t move around too much, still painful.

7:45:  I ordered some Papa John’s Pizza online for everyone.  Tried their new Chicken Parmesan and Buffalo Pizza, they were ok.

8:00:  I started to work on client’s server to add the storage in a storage array that I just added last week.

9:00: Franklin and Bash is on 🙂

I continued to work remotely on server and a computer, prepping them for a few things to finish up tomorrow.

11:59:  Time for bed, another night in the lazy-boy, just easier not to move or my back/hip hurts.  See ya’ll tomorrow!

© Craig