Business Second Layer – Backup Plan


The joys of running your own business is just that, you run your own business and work your own schedule while also meeting the needs of your clients.  However, the down falls of running your own business too is that if you get sick, hurt, or need to take time off, there is no one else that can fill your shoes just like you do.  Sure there are other people come close to it, but there will be a bridge to gap along with someone else having to juggle their schedule to take care of their needs and your needs.  This is what my business partner and I are meeting for today.

We first had to go to a client who could not get online or see the network on one of the computers.  The issue was that someone had disabled the network card in the Device Manager.  After fixing this, we talked with John for a little bit and then left.

Jamie and I went back to the office and Jamie rebuilt his laptop,  during the rebuild I helped Jamie walk through the program I had written to manage our clients.  This was the main reason Jamie and I met at the office.  We needed to go over all the things he needed to know about the daily operations of the business and interactions with the clients since it was I who was mainly running the business at this time.  Hands Free Help Technologies has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that I had custom wrote to take care of our clients information, services and billing all in one location.  However Jamie had not had as much experience using the program as I have, and has only glanced at it a time or two.  I had Jamie load the latest version of the program on the computer and we clicked through all the functionality of the program including how to look up info, create helpdesk tickets and work orders, how to close these items and how to invoice clients.   We also went through each client and discussed the different particulars and needs of the different clients.  Jamie was now ready to take care of clients as needed with some additional learning here and there as things would come up.  The laptop was almost done but it was about 5:00PM so we took a break to eat.

We met my wife and my parents for dinner at Johnny Trouts Seafood off of Williams and I got the all you can eat fish and chicken which i got a second round of chicken.  After filling up on food, Jamie and I then headed back to the office, finished up Jamie’s laptop and then got the program running on his laptop.  Jamie is good to go and can use his computer to take care of our clients when I am unable to.  Jamie can access everything at the office remotely including data and phone calls.  Once everything was setup for Jamie, we both left the office around 9:30 to go home and rest.

© Craig