Chemo Day #1 + 2


12:15:  All fresh and clean and exhausted.  It won’t take me long to fall asleep once I hit that bed.

12:30: I am in bed, but always something work related going on in my head.  I do some quick research, remote into a computer and make some changes.

1:30: Time for me to go to bed, I put down my laptop on my nightstand roll over and fall asleep.

8:00:  I am awake on and off, phone calls, emails, text messages, reply, and doze back off.

10:00: I get out of bed and get something to drink then off to the computer to check up on emails and other things.

10:30: I remote into a client’s computer and copy back some files and folders that I moved last night to delete the user profile from that computer.  I had to wait to the client logged back in this morning to the computer to recreate the user profile, so that I could copy the files back to the computer.

11:00: Catching up on today’s blog.

11:15: I make a phone call to my oncologist’s office to find out when my next appointment is, if there are any results from my bone marrow biopsy #2 back, what about my blood work I need to do before next chemo, when is my next chemo, and if I can get a prescription to stop these constant hiccups.  My next appointment is August 23, 2012.  They will call me back with any biopsy results they get in, as the results trickle in and do not all come in at one time.  The orders will be in the computer for Quest Diagnostics so all I have to do is show up at a Quest Diagnostics Center.  I just need to call the Yenni Treatment Center to schedule my next treatment.  Also someone will call me back from the office for more info on the anti hiccup prescription.

11:25:  I call up the Yenni Treatment Center and schedule my next Chemo treatment for Monday, August 8, 2012 at 8:00AM.

11:35: My wife comes out of the room and needs to run to work to drop off some paperwork.  I get up to get something to eat, and then the nauseous feeling hits me.  I quickly sit at the table open up my medicine box, and find my Zofran and take one of those before it gets to out of hand.  I then about 1.5 cups of cheerios with no milk just to get some more whole grain in me and to get something neutral into my stomach.

12:00:  A client calls me asking me some questions about emails she is receiving.  I tell her they are most probably spam, but if she wants to forward some of them to me, I can double check them for her, she forwards them to me, and sure enough they are spam.

12:30:  I make calls to my dentist and periodontist to push back those appointments for 6 months because I cannot have any mouth/teeth work being done while on chemo.

12:40:  I email my internist’s staff to adjust an appointment so it does not follow 7-10 days from a chemo treatment because that is when my white blood cell counts will be at its lowest.

1:00: I am just on my computer, not much to do today, pretty slow day today at home.  Doing some technology research and getting things together for small things upcoming.

2:30: My oncologist office calls me back and tells me that the Bone Marrow Biopsy #2 came back negative.  They also said that they would call something into the pharmacy to control the hiccuping.  I haven’t eaten too much yet today because the hiccuping itself and make one feel a little nauseous as well especially when or right after eating.  So so far, good!

2:40:  It starts to Thunder and Buster gets his anxiety.  I wrap him up in his Thunder Blanket and move his bed next to my computer chair in the den.

2:50:  Three more cups of cheerios 😛  Simple easy to eat food, and bland 🙂

3:10: My dad calls me and asks me to plug in the battery for the weed eater so that when he gets home, he can cut the backyard and trim. It looks like the rain just missed us, but cooled down the temperature enough to do the grass.

3:50:  My dad arrives home.

3:52: My wife arrives home after going out to eat with Mrs. Cindy.  They bring me home a Jimmy John’s Slim 4 which is just a plain french bread and turkey sandwich no veggies or sauce.  YUMMY!!!

4:10: Back at the computer, feeling just peachy.

4:15: My mom calls the house and my dad meets her outside and they go off.

4:20: I go lay on the sofa and start falling asleep, my wife who is on the lazy-boy wake me up and tells me to switch with her because she knows the lazy-boy is much more comfortable for me.  So we switch.  I then get a power nap for 2 hours.

6:30:  I wake up and my parents are back home.  That was a good nap!

7:00: I watch an episode of NCIS.

8:00: My wife goes off to visit with a friend, and I watch an episode of Burn Notice.

8:30: My dad asks if i drank anything lately, and I haven’t, so I go by the kitchen table and he gets me a glass of Gatorade.  He also asks if I am hungry and I need to eat something, so he gives me some yellow rice from the night before that I didn’t eat, because I just at fish.  After I am done the yellow rice I ask for a sweet potato.  He warms up one we had from the previous night which just mashed easily with a plastic fork after being warmed up again.  I add some butter, and that’s good enough, I don’t want too many flavors, more bland is the way to go right now for me.  I finish up that sweet potato with no problems.  I then ask my dad to warm me up one more, which he does, this one is not as soft, but once I cut it open with a knife it is easily mashable with a plastic fork, and again I add some butter and eat this one as well.  Very good supper!  I gotta add my eatings to :P.  1381 Calories consumed not including my Gatorade and Gingerale.

9:30: I am sitting back here in the lazy-boy again watching the TV and the baseball game  of the Dodgers vs the Cardinals and catching up my blog.

11:00: The game is going no where. It is more background noise. Just reading reviews on an electric razor since I can’t use a real razor blade on my skin. Can’t take any chances now on cutting myself for risk of can’t stop the bleeding and the infection risk. I ordered it earlier today, just gotta wait for site to store shipping. Into the bath I go.

© Craig