Chemo Day #1 + 3

12:30: Goodnight…

10:00: Good morning.  Just me and Buster waking up this morning, my wife already left for work around 6:30.

10:10: By the kitchen table.  I eat 2 bananas, and feeling a little queasy so I take a Zofran.  I also take my anti gout pill as well.

10:45: I get my mini laptop computer and sit in the Lazy-Boy and update my blog.  I am just going to sit here until we go to my ENT doctor’s appointment at noon, the less I move, the easier it is, for now…

11:35: Time to get out of the Lazy-Boy, and get ready for my appointment and get out of here.

11:50: We are leaving the house for my doctor’s appointment at EJGH. My sister is driving me.

12:04: We are driving around in the parking garage. Once again people do not know how to park. People take up two spots with their big trucks, SUVs, and even cars. Not being able to park between two yellow lines should be a ticketable offense. We finally get a space.

12:10: We check in, and are sent into the back waiting room.

12:30: Just still sitting in the back waiting room. Feeling ok, just a little weak and a little warm.

12:45:  Dr. Jacob comes and gets us out of the waiting room and into the patient room.  Dr. Jacob comes into the room right after us, and talks to me about everything that has been going on.  I am feeling ok at this point.  Dr. Jacob wants to see me in 4 weeks right before my next treatment.

1:00:  Suzanne comes and checks on my vitals.  98.0 Temp and 120/70 Blood Pressure.  The she asks a few more questions and talks to my sister.  At this time the nausea feeling is starting to hit me.  I am answering some questions, but not completely there.  Then Suzanne gets up to leave and that’s it, I am done, my sister asks me if i want to get up, I tell her no, she asks if I want the garbage can, I tell her yes.  Suzanne also asks if I want a cold pack, so I get the ice pack out the freezer with paper towel as a barrier.  Dr. Jacob comes and checks on me and asks if I want something for the nausea, I tell him if he has something that he thinks will help, go ahead and give it to me, I had my Zofran about 2.5 hours ago, but whatever  he feels will help, I am game.  I am just feeling horrible at this time…  Suzanne then draws up the Phenergan and comes in and prepares my left arm, and then gives me the shot in my left arm.  Painful, blah.  I sit in the room for another 15 minutes, then I feel good enough to get up.

1:20: I walk out to my sister’s CRV and when I sit it in it, I can feel the Phenergan taking its affect as I am getting tired.  I notice it is raining outside of the parking garage as we are going around in circles to get out.  We continue to drive home.

1:40:  We are home, I have my sister go open the door while I sit in the car and wait.  I then get out the car and walk into the house and right to the Lazy-Boy.  That’s it, I am out, sleeping, gone.

6:30:  I wake up, and follow up on a voicemail, a friend referring some new business, but I am in no condition to follow up with this new client this evening or first thing tomorrow morning, so we just let that one go.

7:00:  I get up and eat 1 toasted peanut butter sandwich, and 2 toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

7:30: I walk around the house and brush my teeth.

7:45:  I am back into the Lazy-Boy.  My dad turns on the TV.

8:15: I watch an episode of Burn Notice and also drink some Lemon Propel Zero Water that my dad gives me.

9:00: Suits comes on, I haven’t watched any episodes before, but I don’t have much else to do at the moment.

10:00: I eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup prepared by my mom.  I am sitting in the Lazy-Boy, I am not in the mood to get up, or move or anything.

11:30: I am laying in bed, not feeling good, I just want to go to sleep and put this bad day behind me.

© Craig