Chemo Day #1 + 4


10:00:  I wake up, and wake up my wife because she has work for 11:00.  Today just laying in bed feels like it could be a better day, but I don’t want to jump out of bed and jinx it.

10:20:  I am up out of bed.  Not too bad.  I let Buster out and then pop 2 pieces of bread into the toaster and get my peanut butter and jelly ready.

10:30:  I am eating my first Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.  Actually doing pretty good.  I feel like I can have a second.

10:40  I am eating my second Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.  I actually drink a cup or two of 1% Lowfat Milk with no issues.  Not bad.  I take a anti gout pill, and a Zofran just to be safe.

11:00:  I get a call from my oncologist office about an appointment on Monday with a radiologist oncologist for an appointment just in case the doctors decide to do radiation treatment as well.

11:05:  I am in the Lazy-Boy, just watching the history channel, relaxing for now.

12:15: I brush my teeth and wash my mouth out.  One must be more on top of brushing their teeth and washing their mouth out during chemo.  Mouth care is a big deal, as you should not go to your dentist during your chemo period.  Reason being, is that they want as little risk of infection or bleeding possible during chemo.  Therefore no really good teeth cleaning which usually results in minimal bleeding.  During chemo, you shouldn’t do anything that will cause any type of bleeding as your blood platelets will be lower and your ability to stop bleeding is lowered.  Also I had my mom find a mouthwash that does not contain any alcohol in it.  During chemo, you need to keep your mouth moist.  Alcohol will cause your mouth to dry up because alcohol excels the evaporation of water.  To prevent mouth sores and to keep one’s mouth moist, one must do everything possible to keep one’s mouth moist.  Even rinsing the mouth out periodically with water just to add moisture to one’s mouth.

1:15: Time to take a little nap.

2:30:  I wake up.  Just back to watching TV and checking emails etc.  Nothing to exciting today.  That’s OK with me, as long as I am not having a bad day.

3:00:  I am watching Locomotives on Modern Marvels on the History Channel.

4:00: Modern Marvels from Start to Finish.

5:00: I am feeling good, I may eat something, going to get up and walk around a little bit first.

6:00: I eat some chicken noodle soup that my sister cooked.  Pretty good.  I also eat 3 oatmeal cookies.

6:30: My dad and I watch the opening ceremony of the Summer 2012 Olympics out of London.

8:15: My wife comes home.

9:30:  I am hungry.  I want a hamburger 🙂  I want a Big Mac from Mc Donalds.

9:40:  My wife and my mother go off to Mc Donalds.

9:50:  They return from Mc Donalds.

10:00:  I eat two Big Macs from Mc Donalds.  YUMMY!  REAL FOOD! Well I don’t know about real food, but better than my bland food I have been eating the last few days.  I may be good to go to my next round of Chemo, but we shall see what the next few days bring.

11:00:  The Olympic Opening Ceremony ends, and I am now updating my blog.  I’ll be around…

11:30: Time for a bath.

© Craig