Chemo Day #1 + 5


10:00:  I am awake, but I just lay in bed for a while.  My stomach hurts me a little bit, but nothing major, not nausea just a stomach ache.

11:00:  I get out of bed, and eat some Dunkin Doughnuts.

11:30:  I watch the Women’s Basketball Olympic Game’s, USA vs Croatia.

12:20: USA wins vs Croatia for the first game.

12:30: I watch the men’s 400M swimming.

12:45: I watch the women’s 400M swimming.

12:50: Time to go to my office and check on the mail and to get my volt meter to check a battery at the house for a client.  My dad is driving me over to my office.

1:00: We arrive at the office. I first check my mail which I have a good bit of.  I also have a note that I have a package next door.  I have keys to that office, so I let myself in and get the packages that were delivered there.

1:15: I enter payments I received through the mail into the system, scan some items into the computer, and prepare a 941 mailing envelope.

1:55: My dad and I head home and it is about to storm.

2:05: We get home.  I turn on the TV and watch some more Olympics.  The girls volleyball, USA vs Korea, Men’s Beach Volleyball USA vs South Africa, and Rowing.

5:00: Just the 5:00 news on WDSU, since they are broadcasting the olympics, doesn’t have too much choice, other than watch streaming video on the Internet, although I would rather watch more olympics coverage than the news.

6:00:  I eat a Ground Pati Apple Wood Bacon.  So I am good to eat anything really until my next chemo treatment.

7:00: Back to the Olympics Coverage 🙂

11:00 I am in bed watching Will Smith in I Am Legend.  I am a little tired, so I will be off sleep soon.

© Craig