Chemo Day #1 + 6


10:30: I am up and out of bed.  I go into the den where the family is already watching the Olympics.  I let Buster outside.

11:30:  I connect to 3 remote computers to do some work.

12:00: My dad made me some grits, so that I can put something into my stomach.  I need to eat more. I am used to eating one meal a day, and with everything going on, I need to force myself to eat more.  I also wake up my wife, who isn’t too happy to get up.

12:30: I answer some emails and finish up the computer work I am doing remotely.

1:00:  Back to the Olympics 🙂

1:30: My sister and brother-in-law come in from Prarieville.  They bring me some shirts from Cabella’s and some roasted Pecans.

1:45: My mother comes back from Whole Foods with some bottled smoothies for me, and some Pizza’s they make for lunch.

1:50: My wife leaves for work.

5:00: My sister and brother-in-law return to Prarieville.

6:40:  My dad and I go off to a client’s location to drop off some toner and check on something else at the location.  It is definitely hot outside.  Not sure If I would want to be outside all day in this heat.  Just feel weaker being outside.

7:00:  My dad and I get to the client’s location.  I put up the toner in storage.

7:20: My dad and I are headed back home.

7:40: My dad and I return home.

8:00: Back to the Olympics Coverage.  Very nice to have entertainment like this on my downtime.   Just on my laptop in the Lazy-Boy at the same time.

9:00: I eat some chicken pasta that my dad had cooked earlier.

11:00: Time for bath.

© Craig