Chemo Day #1 + 8


9:15:  An incoming email wakes me up.  I check the email, and then just lay in bed for a little longer.

9:30: Another incoming email, this time with a link allowing me to make some changes to a client’s computer.  I get out of bed, let Buster out and sit at my desktop computer.  I email back the client to specify the settings for the new computer.

9:50: I get another email back with the setting details.  I then remote into the computer and setup the computer the way the client wants it.  The client see’s the setting they missed as I finish the setup, so everything is good to go.

10:00: I get an email from another client looking for a printer to be setup on a new computer remotely.

10:15: I walk my wife out to her car and pick up the recycle bins and trash can.  I need to get some exercise.  I’ll take a walk later today.

10:30: Back at my desk.  Following up with a call from the onc office from yesterday, and emails to my internist office.

11:00: Just still here on the computer working 😛

12:00: Leftover Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s YUMMY!

12:20: I get a call from a client with an email issue. As usual its really an AT&T Issue.  I walk the client through the unnecessary steps AT&T has created to resolve the issue and we get it resolved.

12:50:  I go get some exercise.  I walk up and down the block twice, which is about 15 minutes of walking.

1:30: I connect to a client’s computer and to setup the printer, but the printer cannot be contacted, I will wait to the client returns.

1:45: I start some administration work and billing and send out invoices to clients.

2:30: I am wrapping up the administration work, just checking the blog and emails.

2:50: My client returns to his office and calls me back.  He gets his printer online, and then I install the printer using the Windows drivers.  He has a wifi card and the download of the complete 300MB package will take over an hour, so I will connect back later once it has completely downloaded.

3:10: Just doing some research on the radiology.  They have a really great website for where I will be going for my radiation treatments.

3:40:  Just updating the blog, I am still here 😛

4:00: My parents both arrive home at the same time.  Tonight’s menu is spaghetti and meatballs.  My mom picked up the ingredients needed from the store on the way home, so I helped her unload the car.

5:35: MMM, Great spaghetti and meatballs!  Very good!  I enjoyed this dinner!

6:00: A client calls me with an issue on their home computer. I remote in and start working on the issue.

6:30: My wife comes home with some corn and potato chowder from work, yummy as well.

7:00: Had another meatball 😛

7:30: Back working on the home computer.

7:45: Done working on that home computer, leave it to kids to mess the computer up, geesh.

8:00: Done some admin work and billing.

8:10: Time to go relax in the Lazy-Boy.  I watch The Godfather Part II

10:00: I take a little nap.

10:55: I am awake again.

11:00: I turn on Franklin and Bash.

© Craig