Chemo Day #10 + 1


10:30: I get a call from a client who has a failing UPS.  I am half awake half asleep, but I talk them through it.  It sounds like the UPS is going bad, but I ask them to do a few things that will test it…

10:40: I quickly fall back asleep after the phone call…

1:25: I wake up, and return an email that I had gotten earlier. I am sorta in and out of it, and trying to help a client install the remote software so I can help him with his new computer and restore his online backup to his computer.

2:00: I go and get my shower.

2:10: I jump in the shower.

2:25: I am out the shower.

2:40: I get an email from a client who I do some sub work for.  They will email me back more information.

3:00: I keep working on different things on the computer.

5:00: I get an email from another sub looking for some work to be done.  I follow up with the email and wait for further instructions.

6:30: I remote to a computer in Alabama over a dial up connection.  So….. Slow…..     I start the download of the printer drivers for the printer that needs to be installed.

6:45: The user cancels the download.

6:50: I start the download again.  The download is 70MB and will take over 4 hours on a dial up connection…

7:30: I eat some food, but not much.  I am tired of sitting up, even though I have been only sitting in my chair for 5 to 6 hours, I can’t sit up any more.

8:15: I finish up and go lay down in bed…

8:30: I am on my computer laying in bed.

9:00: I doze out…

11:30: I wake up, move my laptop to the nightstand, turn over and watch some tv.

11:59: I am out of it again….

© Craig