Chemo Day #10 + 10


Well to start the day off… Today is my wife’s and I Three Year Wedding Anniversary 🙂  3 Years!

10:00: I am up.  I let Buster out and get on my computer to check a few things.

10:30: I jump in the shower.

10:45: I jump out the shower.

11:00: I get in my van and head over to get my blood work done for my Chemo on Monday.  2 more chemos left!

11:15: I sign in.

11:30: I am waiting…

11:40: They take me in the back, swipe my ID and check my insurance, stick me and fill up two tubes of blood, tape me up, and send me on my way.

11:50: I am back in my van.  Time to head to the satellite office to do the software update.

12:05: I took the I-10 to the Airport access road, and the airport access road is all backed up because they are doing construction to change up the view and outlay for the upcoming Superbowl in February.  Instead of taking my usual route of getting on Airline Drive, I drive through the airport instead because the traffic is flowing comparing to the line backing up waiting for that redlight.

12:15: I get to the satellite office.  I start working on one of the front 3 computers.

12:30: I start working on the second front desk computer.  Simple thing of downloading and updating the software.

12:50: I start working on the third front desk computer.

1:10: I start on a sales person’s computer.

1:25: I find a computer that will not boot.  It just beeps when I hit the power button.  I take off the side cover and unseat the ram and reseat the ram and the computer boots up just fine.  I install the update on that computer.

1:50: I start on the third sale’s person’s computer.

2:15: I start on the final sale’s person’s computer.

2:30: I start on the manager’s laptop.

2:45: I walk outside with the manager to overview where they would like to have wireless in three wareshouses and how to get the wireless to those warehouses since there is no communications going to two of the three warehouses.

3:05: I start on the warehouse computer software upgrade.

3:15: I am done with the software upgrade.  I head back to my van and head out.

3:45: I swing by McDonalds and pick me up 2 McDoubles.

4:00: I am back at my office.

4:05: I remote into the computer that I worked on yesterday.  They are having issues using the fabric cutter.  I copy the program from their old computer to their new computer.  The had installed it, but there was some database issues, so by copying the whole program folder, this resolved the database issues.  They were then able to cut fabric.

4:35: I start working on documenting everything I did today and yesterday.

6:30: I start packing up.

7:00: I head on out, just late enough not to worry about the rush hour traffic.

7:15: I get home.

7:30: I get on my computer at home and research a few ip security solutions.

7:50: I grab a quick bite to eat.

8:00: I am laying in my bed, on my laptop, researching more ip security solutions.

11:00: Still putting together the security solutions, but I am tired of looking at the computer.  Time to put it up and just watch some TV.

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig