Chemo Day #10 + 11


10:00: I am up 🙂  Yep, gotta let Buster out!

10:20: In the shower I go.

10:35: Out the shower I come.

11:00: I get in my van and head to my office.

11:15: At my office.

11:19: I get an email from Brian seeing if I want a ride to Jamie’s party Saturday night.  I reply to Brian that I may be staying late and therefore he may want to drive himself there and let me drive myself there, that way he can leave before me, because I will stick it out as long as I can…

2:00: I get an email from the client who I installed the two new computers for.  They are wondering if I can copy a program from the laptop to the computer.  I tell them that they must first install the program on the new computer, and then I would be able to copy the program over if needbe, I can’t just copy the files over as that will not install the program.

2:15: I piece together a PC with a Motherboard that has been sitting around the office that has some potential.  I order a processor off of eBay and some RAM for the computer too.  I just need to wait for the parts to come in to finish that build.

3:00: I start working on a computer I brought to the shop last week.  It keeps giving me blue screens of death’s constantly.  I even remove the hard drive from the computer, put it in another computer and scan it.  I find a number of issues on it, but when I put the hard drive back in the computer I still get the blue screens.  Even disabling and repair things nothing fixes the blue screens of death I am getting.

4:00: I get an email from the client who’s computer I am working on with the blue screens of deaths.  I reply to the client that I am working on it.

6:24: I get an email asking if any employee photos came in today, and I reply back that we didn’t get any photos at all.

7:02: My business partner calls me and we talk while he is driving back into town.

8:30: I finally get off the phone and get ready to head on home.

8:47: I am in my van.

9:05: I get home.

9:15: I make me some turkey and ham sandwiches.  I haven’t had poboys in such a long time.

10:00: I lay in bed and yep you guessed it, back on my laptop.

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig