Chemo Day #10 + 12


10:45: I am awaken by my wife getting ready for work.

11:00: I get up and let Buster out.

11:15: I help my dad put out three of the blow up Christmas characters in the front yard.

1:30: We are done with the blow up characters.  My mom is getting home at the same time from Sams.  She purchased the cookie cake for Jamie’s party for tonight while she was there.

2:00: I jump in the shower.

2:15: I jump out the shower.

2:30: I am in my van heading over to my office.  I have a shirt to embroider.  I fell asleep installing updates on the computer last night since it was a new build 2 years ago that had to be updated with windows updates since then.  I then take out a test shirt that I have and set it up with the cloth backing for the embroidery.  I use the autopunch software to change the new Handy’s we have for Hands Free Help into a new design.  I also add the words to the graphic.  I havn’t used this software in over a year or two, so I have to familiarize myself with it again.

4:30: I start embroidering the design on the shirt with the sewing machine.

4:57: The design is done.  I take the shirt off the machine and it looks pretty good.

5:15: I am in my van.

5:30: I am back home.  I am just waiting for my wife to get home now so that we can head to Chalmette for my business partner and best friend, Jamie’s birthday party.

6:30: My wife gets home.  She quickly changes and freshens up and we are on our way out.

6:45: We get on the road.

7:15: We get to the bar where the party is at.  I put the cookie cake with the rest of the food to be eaten later, and grab a few finger sandwiches and a slice of pizza.  I introduce my wife to everyone, and we sit and talk.  Jamie and few guys are shooting rounds of pool, throwing darts, and just hanging out and having a good time.

10:30: Most of the party heads on out.  We are just hanging out listening to the video DJ/Karoake that is going on.

11:10: We decide its time to switch bars and head out.

11:15: We get to the second bar.

11:20: My wife and I head inside, but this second bar is a lot more smoky that the first bar, and with my Chemo on Monday and just my overall recovery process it would be best that I don’t stick around here.  My wife and I say our goodbyes, and then back to the car we go.

11:28: We are in the car, and we hit the road.

11:58: We get home from Chalmette and head inside to rest…

11:59: Another day done!

© Craig