Chemo Day #10 + 13


10:45: I am awaken by my wife getting ready for work again.

11:00: I get up and let Buster out.

11:30: My dad asks me to help him setup the stable he has constructed out of our old wooden swing that was rittled with holes from carpenter bees and just not in shape to be used as a swing anymore.  I go outside and help him move the wood to the front yard.  We then drill the wood to attach the back frame to the front frame which he has already built.  It is still a little shaky, so we had two angled supports which takes care of the shaky problem.  We then add wood to the roof as a frame, and then we go cut down some of the palm tree that is overhanging the fence in the back yard.  We put these palm pieces on top of the stable and I screw down the main limbs that cut.  The limbs are very hard and are just like wood for the most part.  One screw in each holds it in place.  There should be a storm tomorrow, so we will see just how well those screws hold.  We then add the sheep, bull, and donkey to the stable.

3:00: All done.  We head inside.

3:15: We turn on the TV for the game.

3:35: The Saints vs the New York Giants…. Gametime…

6:45: The Saints lost, oh well the season is over for them…

7:00: I jump in the shower.

7:15: I jump out the shower.

7:30: I lay in bed and get on my laptop.  I am just going to take it easy today.  I research the wireless project for the wireless network to the three warehouses by feeding the two warehouses wirelessly from the warehouse that has the network connection.

9:00: I doze off.

11:15: I wake back up. I put my laptop up, and just turn over and get comfortable and watch TV.  I got chemo tomorrow so may as well take the rest of today easy…

11:59: Another day gone.  Tomorrow is chemo #11, blah…

© Craig