Chemo Day #10 + 2


7:30: An email comes in, I check it, and fall back asleep.

7:45: Another email comes in, I check it, half respond and fall back asleep.

9:02: The phone rings I answer and answer a few questions that I client has.

9:10: I then follow up with a second client that left a voice-mail while I was on the phone with the first client.

9:16: I get an email following up on the conversation I had with the second client.

9:30: I get emails following up to the follow up email…

10:35: I get an email about the computer I worked on with the dial up connection, I explain that the last thing I saw was the download, I need to reconnect later to finish the install…

11:39: I get an email from a client about needing more toner, and also a personal computer at the office for me to pick up and work on as well.

12:45: I get a call from my from one of the offshore rigs that my business partner is working on.  We chat over a few business things, then back to work I go…

1:35: I email back and forth with the client trying to get me remote access, but I am not completely following anything right now still sorta out of it.

3:17:  Another friend of mine emails me his LLC order completed with the state for starting a new company.  I will be helping him develop this as well.

5:15: I get a few emails from another business venture I am aiding pertaining to hires etc.

6:00: I call up the client who has been trying to install LogMeIn and Join Me with no luck.  I walk him through the process of Join.Me and then install LogMeIn for him.  I then help him try to log into Carbonite with no luck.  He will try his security questions again later.

6:30: Supper is served.  My dad cooked Salmen on the BBQ pit while I have been trying to work on and follow different things…

7:00: Again I am tired of siting at the computer.  I go to my bed and lay down and get the laptop out.

7:30: I am checking on a few remote things.

8:45: I start dozing off…. Power Naps.

10:30: I wake up and try to catch up on some blogging.

11:00: I am too tired to keep using the computer. I put it up and just watch some TV.

11:59: ZzZzZzZzZz… Dozed off again… Goodnight!

© Craig