Chemo Day #10: ~~~~ 2 More to Go


12:00: Still gaming.

2:45: I am done my Call of Duty 2 for the night.  I should sleep well till I have to wake up for my Chemo.

3:00: ZzZzZzZzZzZz

11:00: I am up, I let Buster out.

11:30: I jump in the shower.  Do a clean shave on my head with the head blade.

11:55: I jump out the shower.

12:00: I find my medication and my lidicane gel.

12:15: I put the lidicane gel on my port, and then put the saran wrap over the area so that it can absorb into the skin and not absorb into my shirt.

12:30: I take my Ativan to chill me out and not worry about the drugs and needle etc.

12:45: My mom is off today and is bringing me to my Chemo treatment, we leave the house.

1:00: We get to the Yenni Center at EJGH.  I get out the car while she parks and go upstairs to check in.

1:15: We are sitting in the waiting room upstairs.

1:30: Still waiting…

1:45: Still waiting…

1:50: I get my vitals taken.  I have a 99.0 Temp.  The nurse comes and asks me if I have been sick lately or taking anything for my temp.  I tell them that I took a hot shower before coming in, and there has been a few times that I have had a very small temp before my chemo.  As long as everything is normal she sees no problem with it.

2:15: We are taken to the other room, and I am put in chair 3.

2:20: I hook up my laptop to the wall, setup my headphones, and I am good to go…

2:45: They bring the paperwork for me to sign, consenting to the 4 drugs they are about to pump into me…

3:00: The nurse comes hooks up the bag of  Zofran and the Decadron turns on the pump and let’s it go.

3:30: The nurse puts up my bag of emend and starts pumping that into me.

3:45: My dad gets here and my mom leaves to run errands before heading home.

4:55:  YUCK, the red stuf, I can taste it just by seeing it… Adriamycin.  I am not going to miss out on a Popsicle, the only way to disguise/mask/remove the taste!  She brings me purple.

4:25: The Adriamycin finishes up.

4:30: They flush my line with more saline drip.

4:35:  Bleomucin is hooked up to my line and pumped in….

4:55: Some saline to flush the line…

5:05: The nurse has the large syringe and hooks it up to my IV and pushes my Vinblastine.

5:15: She is done this push and let’s the saline flush the line for a little bit.

5:25: My next and final drug, Dacarbazine is hooked up.  The nurse is commenting how how this bag looks like it is going to explode it is filled to the max, after talking to another nurse she turns on the pump starts pushing that into me.

5:50: That final drug is done being pushed.  They flush out my line a little bit with the saline.

6:00: She takes off my patch that is holding the needle into my port, and then pulls the needle out.  Thank goodness I don’t feel a thing.

6:10: We walk out of the room, as always I stop for my bathroom break by the elevator before heading out to the car.  I gotta flush some of all those bags of liquids they just pumped into me.

6:15: Back in the elevator and downstairs we head.  Into the CRV and on our way home.

6:30: We get home.

6:45: I don’t really feel like eating, but grab a small bite of something, half in half out of it.

7:00: ZzZzZzZz… I am sleeping goodnight cruel world…

11:00: I wake up, to the bathroom I go more fluids to empty…

11:10: Sleeping again.

11:59: Still sleeping….


© Craig