Chemo Day #10 + 3


10:00: I am awake.  I am still feeling a little nauseated from the extra chemicals they threw into me, but I am still good…

11:00: I get up out of bed, and let Buster out.

11:15: I jump in the shower.

11:25: I am out the shower.

11:45: I am on my computer at home for a little.  I check on the status of a client and their files being restored from an online backup.  Everything is going fine.

1:00: I head on over to my office.

1:15: I am at my office.

2:00: I get a call from a client updating me that their card access system is being replaced and they are requesting a card for me and a few other select people in their office.

2:45: I get a call from my business partner and we go over a few business things along with some other developing ventures.

3:45: I do some administrative work and catch up on some billing.

4:45: I get a call from a restaurant, I talk to the tech who is installing a software that they purchased for making reservations.  He needs certain ports opened on the router, and a static IP set.  I record all this information and email it to myself so that I can take care of this tonight.

6:00: I get in my van and head on home.

6:20: I am home.

6:45: I grab a bite to eat.

7:15: I go lay down in bed and work on my computer some more doing some more billing.

7:45: I doze off….

10:35: I wake up.

10:45: I remote into the restaurant and determine the IP for the new machine and apply the settings to the router and email those settings to the tech for tomorrow’s install.

11:15: I am done with that.  I check on another client who is having problems with IE.  I try making a few changes, we will have to see if those changes take care of his issues in the morning.

11:30: I put my computer on my night stand, and just relax and watch TV.

11:59: I am out….

© Craig