Chemo Day #10 + 4


9:40: I get an email that wakes me up.  I reply back and just lay in bed.

10:00: I can’t fall back asleep…  I gotta get up.

10:15: I let Buster out and get on my computer.

10:30: I take care of a client real quick who called me with an issue.

11:00: I jump into the shower.

11:15: I jump out the shower.

11:30: I am back on my computer replying to a few emails.

11:50: I am headed to my office.

12:05: I get to the office.  I head to the restaurant first to check on the tech.  Everything is good to go on his end.  I pick up my box of cable let them use to run the cable and make a note of how much cable they used.

12:30: I head back to my office.

12:35: I follow up with a client having issues printing.  I email them back and forth.

1:00: I get the printer working.

1:30: I head out to another restaurant I am working on.

1:45: I get there, I go upstairs and start working on the wireless access point some more.  I am not there for more than 30 minutes and my stomach starts feeling bad.   Cramping.  I work through it and keep trying to figure out where the wires upstairs go.  Finally my stomach is hurting too much, I tell them I am not feeling well and head on out.

2:45: I get in my van and head home.

3:00: I get home and rest.

4:00: My stomach is still hurting me.  I eat some hamburger helper cheeseburger macaroni because my stomach is growling too.

5:00: Still hurting, blah.  I am just laying in bed and taking it easy.

6:00: I doze off…

9:00: I wake up, and I am feeling better.   I eat a little more.

10:00: I am on my computer looking up network equipment for the new three story building that I am about to have to wire up with my partner helping me and doing most of the work himself and me overseeing everything.

11:00: I am finding most things, 1 gig router, 3 core switches, 1 for each floor, fiber patch cables, poe switch cards for the core switches and gig switch cards.

11:59: Still searching for network equipment…


© Craig