Chemo Day #10 + 5


11:00: I wake up and get out of bed.  I have to go back over to the restaurant I was at yesterday to finish up the wireless.

11:15: Shower

11:30: Out the shower.

11:45: I head out and over to the restaurant.

11:57: I get to the restaurant and go to work.

12:05: Just walking upstairs I notice a funny musky odor this time.

12:35: My stomach is cramping up again.  It’s probably the smell of this upstairs room.  I go downstairs and get some fresh air and sure enough the stomach cramps go away.  As soon as I walk back downstairs, it hits me again.

12:45: I remove the wireless access point from upstairs, and move it downstairs and away from the smell.

1:00: I am done for today, I will finish up Monday when I can access the patch panel in the office.

1:10: I head out over to my office.

1:25: I get to my office.

1:35: I take care of a few things, but my stomach is still turning from earlier.

3:30: I can’t stay here any longer, I just want to go home an lay in bed because of my stomach.

3:35: I head out.

3:50: I get home.

4:00: I lay in bed and turn on TV.

5:30: Still layin in bed watching TV.

6:15: I am feeling better, my stomach is not hurting like it was.

6:45: My dad throws some steaks on the grill.

7:15: The steaks come off, and yummy!

8:00: I am just taking it easy, laying in bed.

8:30: I doze off for a bit.

10:45: I wake up.  I am feeling ok.  I take out my laptop and work on a few things.

11:30: Just laying in bed watching TV now.

11:59: Another day gone, dozing off…

© Craig