Chemo Day #10 + 8


9:00: I am up, I get out of bed, and let Buster out.

9:35: I email back and forth with a client who is trying to get a good deal on a laptop.

10:00: I jump in the shower.

10:15: I jump out the shower.

10:25: I am in my van headed to the office.

10:35: I get to the office.

10:53: I get an email for a client who is thanking me for helping getting their new computer online and installing Carbonite to restore all the pictures and data they had on their old computer when the hard drive crashed.  He is thinking of fixing the old laptop for his granddaughter and was wondering what I thought about his old laptop.  I told him in a reply that if he wasn’t going to do anything with the laptop, I would repair it for myself and keep it.

11:06: I get an email from a client that I do sub work for, and they are ready to do another update at their local office in Kenner.  I will just have to go there and update all the computer with a software update for their VMware clients to remote into their remote servers in Colorado.

11:30: A client stops by who would like her resume printed up.  I have repaired her computer and she just needs to get her resume off of the computer and printed up.  She will come back later in the week and pick up the computer when she can pay the remainder of the balance.  After I print up the resumes, she gives me 1/3 of the total due, and I will see her later this week.

12:15: I return to my computer and start working on Monthly Statements and some admin work.

3:00: I clear up some questions with a client who is shutting down their office and looking to sell all their equipment.  I see what equipment, I will need to help them sell, and what equipment is already sold.

3:15: I take care of some more administrative work.

4:47: I get an email back from the client who is shutting down and put into motion the details outlined in the previous emails.

7:00: I pack up and head out the office.

7:05: I am in my van heading home.

7:15: I am home.

7:25: I sit down and eat.

7:45: I get an email from a client and call them back to tell them that the email will not help them with their pictures they are looking to burn onto CD because the email only contains low resolution pictures.  They will have to contact the person who took the pictures and get the higher resolution pictures to burn a CD with if they want pictures that are of a higher quality.

8:15: I am laying in bed on my laptop, remoting into a few computers and checking on things.

10:45: I am getting a little tired, but not completely yet.  I put up my laptop and watch TV.

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig