Chemo Day #10 + 9


8:37: I get an email from a client who can’t remote into another computer.

9:15: I am up and out of bed.

9:30: I let Buster out, and get on my computer.

9:50: I let Buster back in, and head to get my shower.

10:00: I jump in the shower.

10:15: I jump out the shower.

10:30: I get in my van and head over to my office,

10:45: I am at my office.  I pack up a computer and 2 monitors that I have to install at a client’s office.

11:15: I head out over to the client’s office to install the computer, along with another computer that I brought over the other day.

11:30: I get to the office, and realized that I forgot a wireless PCI card, so I turn around and head back to my office,

11:50: I get back to my office, and get the PCI card.

11:55: I head back out to the client’s office.

12:15: I get to the client’s office.  I open the computer that I brought over previously and install the PCI wireless card.  I setup one of the monitors I brought with me.  I then boot up the computer, and install a few recent updates.  I also install a fabric cutting machine’s drivers.  The manufacturer didn’t have it listed on their site, so I had to search for the drivers.  After I am done installing the drivers for the cutter, I setup the second computer.  They do not have enough outlets, so we search for a surge protector.  They do not have any surge protectors, so I search for a power strip.  I find an extra power strip in the server closet.   I setup the power strip, and plug the other items into the power strip and also plug the computer into the power strip.  I setup the monitor for the second computer, and then boot it up.  They are going to take care of transferring all of their software from their old laptops to the new computers.  I go into the other room and evaluate a video that they are having issues transferring.  The quality of the video they are receiving is low, so when they reduce the quality further for it to fit on a CD, they are loosing too much quality and the video is becoming grainy.  They will have to try redoing the video again with a higher quality or burning a DVD instead.  I am done here for today.

3:15: I get in my van and head back to the office.

3:40: I get back to my office.  I work on cleaning up the office a little.  Moving some computers for recycling, and others to be cleaned up.

4:30: I do some administrative work and catching up on some additional billing.

7:00: I head on out and in my van heading home.

7:15: I am home.  I grab a bite to eat, and then lay in bed reviewing the update I have to do tomorrow and checking on a few things.

7:30: I doze off….

9:45: I am awake.  I take care of a few other things on the computer.

11:15: I am done with the computer for tonight.  Just watching some TV.

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig