Chemo Day #11 + 1


10:17: I get an wake up email from a client forwarding my email address to a third party who needed his IT’s contact info.

10:51: I get an email from another client who’s computer keeps shutting down by itself every night after she leaves the office.

10:58: The third party emails me to follow up on what they are looking for, for a video conferencing system.

11:00: I am up and out of bed!!!  I have a number of emails coming in, and even though I had chemo yesterday, I gotta get up.  My hiccups just keep going.

11:05: I let Buster out.

11:10: The third party tries to call me, but my hiccups are in full swing.  The day after chemo hiccups are a killer.  Constant hiccuping, which doesn’t help the nausea effect.

11:20: I get an email from another client who can’t get to their computer remotely.  I try to remote into the computer and find that it shut itself down at 3AM, probably after automatic updates or something.  It is a computer connected via a wireless connection therefore I cannot turn it on remotely.  Someone at the location will have to turn the computer back on.

11:34: The CPA for a client can’t remote in, I remote into the computer and check a few settings and can remote in, I email the CPA back and tell them to try again.

12:00: The CPA emails me back saying they could get in.

1:00: I get an email back telling me that they do not have any “safe” lifting devices, just forklifts at the location, therefore I will have to look into renting a lift to do the wireless network access point install.

1:30: I get an email from the client with the email issues, she says she is leaving the office, and won’t be back in for a da or two so I can remote in and look into the shutdown and email issue.

5:35: I get an email from the client across the hall to remove the dns entries that I put in to block uneeded websites like facebook, youtube, and other gaming and social networking sites that employees would waste their time on instead of doing work.

7:00: I go lay in bed, just sitting at my computer for a few hours has me exhausted.

7:30: I drift off to sleep.

10:45: I wake up.  I get on my laptop, still laying in my bed, I turn on the TV, and just do some browsing and research.  I am half in it and half out of it, zoning in and out.

11:45: Still on my laptop.

11:59: Another day over…

© Craig