Chemo Day #11 + 2


12:00 I take a few naps here and there and finally doze off.

10:00: I wake up and I am not feeling too good.  I am just going to take it easy for a little while today.  I go by my computer and start doing some work.

11:00: After a little while I feel nauseated.  I take a Phenergan and go lay down.  I knock back out.

4:00: I wake up.

4:15: I get on my computer and do a few things and answer a few emails, luckily no phone calls today.

4:30: I get a call from my partner asking me I am coming over to his house tonight for a little cook out.  I tell him I sure will, get me out the house and away from reality for a while.

4:45: I jump in the shower.

5:00: I jump out the shower.

5:15: I am ready to go.  Just waiting to see if my wife is up to coming.

6:00: I finally get in touch with my wife who has been working all day, and she is going to pass, so I head on over to his place.

6:45: I finally get there.  Traffic was horrible!  There is a fire going in the back yard and steaks on the pit.  I grab some really good salad from inside, and a nice well cooked steak from the grill.

7:00: We do some talking and business discussions.  Then we play a few rounds of darts.

10:00: Time passes by when you are having fun…  Time to head on home.

10:30: I get home, not any traffic at all smooth sailing on the interstate.

11:00: I am exhausted from getting out for once.  I go lay in bed and watch some TV, no computer tonight…

11:45: I finally start to doze off…

11:59: Another day gone.  Quick when you sleep most of the day and enjoy the few hours remaining.


© Craig