Chemo Day #11 + 3


8:20: An email comes in an wakes me up, but its just a vendor and I doze back off to sleep.

9:05: I get an email from a client wanting a few email addresses setup.

9:15: I get up and email back my first vendor, and then setup the email accounts requested.

9:30: I let Buster out.

9:45: I jump in the shower.

10:00: I jump out the shower.

10:15: I answer another email that came in and take care of a few quick things on a server.

10:45: I am heading over to the office.

11:00: I am at the office, another wonderful day.

11:15: I get an email from a client having troubles getting emails from a client of theirs.  I start investigating that.

12:00: I do not see any issues on the sever or any emails being rejected.  I will ask their client to email me a few things so I can check some headers and other info.

1:00: That issue resolved itself, it was probably on the third party side because I couldn’t find any issues on this side.

3:00: I get a phone call from a client who is checking up on me.  We talk for a bit about a number of topics.

3:30: Back to some work, mainly administrative, catching up on some billing and putting in info for work I have done.

6:00: I am done work for today, time for me to head back to the house.

6:20: I get home.

7:00: I grab a bite to eat.

7:30: I watch some TV.

10:00: I am off to my room to lay in my bed and get on the laptop and do some work.  Mostly administrative.  I got the TV on for some background noise.

11:50: I am done finishing up the billing, time put up for the night.

11:59: ZzZzZ.  Another day gone…

© Craig