Chemo Day #11 + 4


11:00: I wake up and let Buster out.

11:15: I jump into the shower.

11:30: I jump out of the shower.

11:35:  I get a call from a client who is having issues with a monitor at their office.  Another vendor came in and installed a server and used a cheap KVM to connect to the server and computer to share the same keyboard, video(monitor), and mouse.

11:40: I leave the house.

11:45: I get to the client’s location and start checking out the KVM system.  The KVM is a cheap KVM and therefore the video flashing problems would be an issue.  I try changing a few settings to correct things and it seems that the cheaper KVM might have some issues.  They are going to try to use the computers with the settings I put in.  I then resolve a password issue that was causing the two computers not to sync files to each other.  I went over some materials that I was editing for them and they wanted to see the different changes.

12:45: I am done here for the day, and I head back to the office.

1:00: I get back to the office and I start working on a computer that keeps blue screening, I have tried software repairs and a few other things and cannot get the computer to stop blue screening.  I backup all the files on the computer, and then I reinstall the operating system completely.  No more blue screens.  I then reinstall the basic programs on the computer, install all the updates for the operating system and then copy all the files I backed up back to the computer.  I did this over the course of the day.

8:00: I am still at the office.  A client calls me who is having issues with using webmail.  I get on their computer and notice that he is using the wrong fields.  I show him which fields to use and then he has no issues sending emails.

11:00: I have had enough today at the office, and I am hungry, time to head home and grab a bite to eat.

11:15: I get home and grab a bite to eat and then lay in bed and get right back on my laptop and turn on the TV.

11:59: Still on the laptop and watching TV.

© Craig