Chemo Day #11 + 5


1:36: My business partner calls me after I sent him a message on his gmail, and we discuss a few things.

10:00: I wake up and take Buster out.

10:15: I jump in the shower.

10:30: I jump out the shower.

10:45: I get my things ready to head to my partner’s house for a BBQ he is having for another business meeting we are having for another venture.

11:00: I get in the car and head on over.

11:30: I get to the house.  A few people have already shown up, but my business partner and his other associate are not there.  I introduce myself to the few people who are there and then go to work setting up some wireless and skype access for a meeting we will be having later in the week.  I will be there but my business partner will be out of town when the meeting is scheduled to take place, so I am making sure that everything is setup and ready to go for later in the week, so when I show up then, I don’t have to do any configurations and the meeting and just begin.

12:15: Finally my business partner and his associate get back, and the various meetings/talks begin.

1:00: I finish up with the setup for the skype meetings.

1:15: I go hang outside.  The fire is going, the BBQ pit is going.

2:45: The meetings start to wrap up, and we all grab a bite to eat, shredded beef and gravy on french bread along with a salad.  Pretty good stuff!

3:30: Everyone has left the house, just Jamie and our other associate still talking over a number of things.

7:00: I start my drive home.  Everyone is exhausted from the long night they had last night and the meetings today, so I am going to head back home and let them rest.

7:15: I get on the road.

7:45: I get back to the house.  I am a little tired, I go lay in bed, grab my laptop, and turn on the TV.

8:30: I am dozing off myself, I take a small nap.

9:49: I wake up.  I check a few emails and go to work on a scanning issue a client emailed me about.

10:00: I connect to the client’s computer, download the latest drivers for the scanner they are having issues scanning with.

11:00: I am done installing the complete software package for that scanner, the computer should be good to go as far as scanning is concerned now.

11:30: I finish up a few other things and then put my laptop on the night stand.

11:59: Another day gone!

© Craig