Chemo Day #11 + 6


11:20: I get an email from a client who is following up on the laptop warranty repair service that needs to be done.  He is just letting me know that he is following up with Dell to schedule when the Dell technician will come out and replace his laptop motherboard.

12:00: I lay on the couch and watch the Saints play the Cowboys.

3:30: After overtime the Saints have won.

4:00: I jump in the shower.

4:15: I jump out the shower.

4:30: I head on over to my office to catch up on some administrative work and move the remaining cubicles from across the hall to my office.

4:45: I get to the office.

5:00: I start moving the rest of the disassembled cubicles over.

8:00: After moving a number of pieces and taking a number of breaks, all of the cubicles are moved over to my office.

8:15: I start on some administrative work.

9:15: I am done here for today.  Time to head home.

9:30: I return home.

9:45: i grab a bite to eat.

10:00: I am laying in bed with my laptop and the TV on.

10:15: I start doing some billing for the work I have done recently that I havn’t billed for.

11:00: I finish up the billing.  I am exhausted and put the laptop on the nightstand and just watch TV.

11:59: ZzZzZzZz…  I am sleeing by now.  Another day gone!

© Craig