Chemo Day #11 + 8


6:37: I get an email from a client asking me if I am going to be in my office at all today.

9:00: I am up.

9:15: I jump in the shower.

9:30: I jump out the shower.

9:45: I am at the office.

10:30: I get an email from a client saying that they have not ordered the computers we talked about because they are waiting for additional funds to come in before ordering them.

11:00: I start inputting time and work for billing.

12:15: I get an email back from a client telling me that I can drop their computer back off at their office Wednesday when I will be there for another Dr. Appointment.

12:45: I start going back to more administrative work, entering  billing information, and taking breaks every once in a while to clean up parts of the office.

7:00: Enough time being at the office, time for me to go home.

7:15: I am home.

7:30: I grab a bite to eat.

8:00: I lay in bed and finish up some more billing on my laptop while laying in bed and watching TV.

11:15: I finish up the billing.

11:59: Another day done!  More administrative work done than anything else today, but a good day!

© Craig