Chemo Day #11 + 9


8:05: An email wakes me up with a client following up to my email about when I will be in the office today.

8:09: I get an email from a client working on something who is having a problem with another vendor being a smart a$$.  They are complaining that they can’t do some of the work because they are Mac based and can’t open the files that he is sending them.  I sort out the issue for the client and send the documents to the vendor via my cell phone.  I try to fall back asleep, but impossible to do.

9:00: I get up out of bed after no luck slipping back to a nice sleep.  I let Buster you.

9:15: I jump into the shower.

9:30: I jump out of the shower.

9:49: I get an email from a client who is having trouble sending and receiving emails because their mailbox is full.  I tell her to rectify the situation she can delete emails in her deleted items, sent items, and inbox, or when I get a chance, I can log into the server and expand the storage area.

10:00: I jump in my van and head on over to the office.

10:15: I am at the office.

10:16: I get an email back from the client with the email issues.  She has deleted a number of items and just checking the status.  I check her email and she has deleted over half of her emails she didn’t need, and she has over half the space free then she did before.

12:35: I get an email from a vendor asking about what it would cost to setup a client with a Polycom software system.  I let them know that I still need to follow up with this with Polycom.

12:50: I work on some video transferring of a family video that was already transferred from 8mm to VHS and now the client would like VHS transferred to DVD.

2:50: I get an email from another client going over the minimums needed for another venture, and that venture will take a while to get going because of all the requirements.

3:15: I start doing some administrative work and entering billing information into the program.

6:00: I get an email from a client asking me to remove the 3 remaining PCs from the network, setup one computer to be able to be used on his home network, and extend the phone number to Dec 31.  He was also interested in the getting the server’s information wiped and setup if someone would want to buy it and wanted pricing information for the server and labor.  I will take care of all of this Thursday evening, their last full day of work in the office across the hall.

7:30: I am done here at the office for today, time for me to head on home.

7:45: I get home, and grab a bite to eat.

8:30: I am laying in bed, on the laptop, researching a few things, with the TV on in the background too.

10:30: I am done doing the research.  Time for me to relax in bed.

11:30: I start to doze off.

11:59: Another day gone!



© Craig