Chemo Day #12 + 21 – Pre-Op Neck Lymphnode Biopsy #2


8:30: I wake up, I still feel exhausted so I go back to sleep.

9:30: I wake up again.  I am still tired, but I gotta get up, I got a few things that I have to do today before heading to Dr. Jacob for pre-op for the biopsy.

9:35: I am up out of Bed.  I let Buster out.

9:40: I get on the computer to check an email.

9:45: I let Buster back in.

10:05: I jump in the shower.

10:20: I jump out of the shower.

10:30: I get a voicemail from a client who is having some printing issues and monitor display issues.  I decide to stop by there first on my way to the office.

10:35: I am in my van on my way.

10:45: I get to the client’s location.

10:50: I start troubleshooting the issue.  First the printer was off, I turned it on.  I then tried to send a few print jobs to the printer and ping the printer, I could do neither.  I then checked the printer settings.  Someone had changed the IP Address of the printer.  I changed the IP address back to what I had originally set it up to be when I setup up the printer.  The documents that were then set to print to the printer started printing out with no issues.  I tested all 4 computers, and all of them were able to print to the printer with no issue.  I then examined the KVM switch.  It was a cheaper switch and could not handle the resolutions that the computers were trying to send to the computer and therefore the monitors kept flickering.  I told them I would order a better KVM switch to replace the one that the third party had installed.  I noticed they were also out of the extra toner for the production printer.  I asked them how many spare toners they would like to keep in stock and they said 1, so I will order one of each color to get them 1 ready to be put in.

11:30: I head out, and on my way back to my office.

11:40: I get back to the office, and I run Invoices for all the invoices that I hadn’t sent out for the past 2 weeks.

12:00: I finish up changing the payroll withholding variables in my program so that the proper amount of taxes are taken out when I run payroll from my own software.

12:30: I enter in all payments for checks that I had received over the past 2 weeks.

12:40: I head out the office and on the way to my Doctor’s Appointment.

12:45: I stop by the bank, through the drive through, and deposit the checks I had just entered.

12:50: I continue on my way to the hospital for my appointment.

1:00: I get to the hospital, again people cannot park and it takes me 10 minutes to get to the 6th level to fine a place to park.  I take the elevator down to the 1st floor, walk into the adjacent building and take the elevator up to the third floor for my doctor’s appointment.

1:13: I check in.  My mom and my wife meet me there, when I am out of it someone needs to know what’s going on.

1:16: I am shown to Patient Room 4.

1:25: Dr. Jacob arrives and feels my neck after reviewing the results of the MRI that was done on Friday.  He cannot feel anything, party because I have a bulky neck.  He will have to go over the Imagery from the MRI and Pet Scans to pinpoint where he needs to exactly cut for the lymph node biopsy.  He goes over the paperwork, possible nerves, blood vessels, etc can be cut during the procedure, possibilities of infection, scars, etc.  I sign the paperwork and then we head on out the office.  Time to go over to EJ North for pre-op.

2:05: I check in with patient registration and go sit in another waiting room.

2:10: I am called in to meet with a lady who checks over all the information, takes my $250 co-pay for the surgery, has me sign the consent forms.

2:25: I am then sends me on my way up to the 5th floor to go through all the pre-op interviews and blood work and xrays.

2:30: I check in at the pre-op desk up stairs, and then take a seat.

2:45: Still sitting.

2:50 : They call me in the back and I meet with the nurse.  We start to go over all the questions, previous health problems, pains, medicines, previous surgeries, and the list goes on.  She also takes my blood pressure and gets an oxygen reading on me, now I need to go sit and wait for the anesthesia interview.

3:15: Sitting in the waiting room.  While sitting we decide what we want for supper from Lagers a bar nearby that has great hamburgers and other meals.

3:45: Still sitting.

3:50: We are finally called to the back for anesthesia.  She asks me a number of questions too, if I have ever had problems before with surgery and anesthesia etc.  She gives me the consent form to sign for anesthesia.  She says she can go over all of the possible side affects for anesthesia, I tell her she doesn’t have to, I am signing the form either way because I want to be completely knocked out during the procedure, there is no way I am doing this without anesthesia, so I am not too worries with what else the form says, just show me where to sign for a form like that.

4:05: I am done with anesthesia, we go take a seat back in the waiting room again and need to wait to the lab area is ready to take me to do my x-rays and blood work.

4:10: The lab is ready for me.  The first thing we do is the xrays, they have me take off my shirt and put on a gown.  They then position me, and she shoots one xray from my back through my chest.  She then sets me up with my hands elevated and she takes a second x-ray from the right side of my chest through to my left.  I then throw my shirt back on and the gown in the linen bag.  I am then directed to a room where the blood work will be drawn.  The gentleman takes out 5 vials to fill with blood. I tell him where to stick me and how to stick me.  He was off by half an inch.  I showed him where he should poke, but he doesn’t want to try again, and would liek someone else come and see if they can get me.  The nurse who took my x-rays comes in and pokes closer to where I originally said the poking should have happened, and she has no issues getting the blood.  I fill up four vials in about a minute.  She then wraps my arm and send me on my way.

4:30: We are done for today, time to head back to the car.  We take the elevator down to the fourth floor, and then walk the bridge from the EJ North Building to the Hudson Garage.  There I take the elevator up to the 6th level where I parked, and they take the garage down to the 2nd level where they parked.

4:45: I am heading around in circles out of the garage.

5:00: I get home.  They are heading to pick up supper.

5:20: My wife and mom get home with the food.  I am having the Cuban Pork Sandwich.  I liked it, not that bad, I would get it again!  I love there hamburgers, and just trying a few other things on the menu, but nothing beats their hamburgers.

6:30: My wife and I head back over to the office so that I can finish up a few things tonight.

6:45: We get to the office. I send out invoices and yearly statements.  My wife takes care of sending out Tax Documents.

7:45: My wife and I head back on home, I came and did what I needed to do.

8:00: We get home.

8:15: I sit on the sofa and watch some TV with my dad.

10:00: I go and lay down in bed and work on a laptop that I needed to take care of.

11:45: I finish up the laptop and just watch some TV.

11:59: Another day gone!  Surgery tomorrow, can’t eat anything now, just liquids to 8AM.

© Craig