Chemo Day #12 + 8 – New Years – 2013


0:00: Happy New Year 🙂  The fireworks are going out.  I take a few sips of Champagne, hopefully this year will be full of good news with my cancer being put in its place 🙂

0:10: My wife and I walk down the block and wish others a Happy New Year.

0:30: We walk back inside.  Then back into the backyard.  I throw a branch from the palm tree next door on the glowing embers to get one more flame in for the night before heading in.

1:30: The fire has died down, time to go inside and go to sleep.

2:00: I am laying in bed and time to doze off and go to sleep. ZzZzZzZzZzZ….

10:00: My wife’s alarm on her phone goes off, she gets up and starts to get ready for work.  I get up and get out of bed and let Buster out.

10:45: My wife heads out to work.

11:00: I get out my small laptop, sit in the Lazy-Boy turn on the Rose Parade and check on a few things on my laptop.

12:00: The Capital One Bowl Game starts up.  I am watching the game and on the laptop.

1:30: My Aunt Estella and Uncle Vic show up at the house.

2:00: My sister Katie and my bro-in-law Bishoy arrive, along with there dog Sara.  Sara and Buster have a great time running around the yard and house.

2:10: We exchange Christmas Presents since they were unable to come in for Christmas.

2:30: Time to eat 🙂  Mushrooms, Merliton and Shrimp, Cabbage and Corn Beef, Pork and Gravy, Baked Macaroni and Cheese, and some Red Gravy and Meatballs.  Lots to eat!

4:00: We are done eating, back to the Lazy-Boy I go.

4:45: Dessert time.  My sister made Pecan Pie for the first time.  She put in more pecans than anything else, but it tasted great and I enjoyed it!  I’ll take another one please!

5:30: I go lay in bed and get on my laptop.

6:30: My wife get’s home from work.

7:00: We take a nap.

9:45: We wake up.  I get on the computer and load up Team Fortress 2.  We are trying to figure out my wife’s Steam account login name so that we can install Steam and Team Fortress 2 on the new computer that I got my parent’s for Christmas.

10:10: We finally figure out the login name, and I start Team Fortress 2 downloading on that computer.  It will take 5.5 hours to download the 12 GB.

10:30: I start gaming.

11:59: I am done gaming for tonight.  Time to go lay in bed, get on the computer for a little bit and then catch my zZzZzZzZz’s…  Goodnight, Happy New Year!

© Craig