Chemo Day #2 + 1


9:45: I am feeling sick this morning.  I am in the bathroom the usual, my wife is there to help me, although she should be heading to work.

10:15: I am feeling ok, and my wife has to help me back to the bedroom.

10:35: I am back in bed and will try to fall asleep again.

10:45: My wife leaves for work.

11:00: I cannot fall back asleep, I am up out of bed, my legs feel heavy when I get out of bed and walk around.  I fix myself 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on wheat toasted, something plain.  Followed up by some gingerale.

11:30: I take one pill to stop my hiccups, and then get on the computer following up emails for a third party.

12:30: The pills still haven’t stopped my hiccups, and the bottle says I can take two, so I take a second pill.

1:00: I remote into a computer to install updates.

1:30: I get a call from the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  They will be sending me out some information soon.

1:35: The hiccups start up again.

2:00: Here I am updating my blog. Still hiccuping.

2:05: Back to some billing and admin work.

2:40: Stopped hipcupping.

3:00: Returned a phone call from yesterday, just another client needing some more toner.

3:30: Working, but working is better than nothing…

3:50: The hiccups return!

4:40: The hiccups stop.

5:00: I start getting tired and dozing off in my computer chair, so I move to the Lazy-Boy.

5:15: I am knocked out on the lazy-boy.

9:30: I wake up and am hungry.  I warm up a can of Progresso Chicken Gumbo.  However that is not enough.

9:50: I warm up a few tator tots that my wife had in the fridge.  However, I need some more food.

10:00: My mom makes some Kfraft Mac and Cheese.  I eat a nice bowl of that.  YUMMY

10:30: I am back in the Lazy-Boy, waiting for Franklin and Bash to come on, in the meantime I watch some Frasier.

11:00: No Franklin and Bash?  What’s up with that.  Oh well, then I guess it will be time to go to bed.  I brush my teeth and wash my mouth out.

11:15: I let Buster out and the hiccups start again, oh boy…

11:59: I am off to bed, goodnight!

© Craig