Chemo Day #2 + 10


12:00: So we are still waiting for this script to time out.  Dr. Scott and my Dad call it quits for the night and head on out.  Jamie and I wait for the script to finish.  I go hook up the printer directly to the frontdesk machine until we can get an ethernet to usb print server to get the printer back up as a network printer again.  Once I install the drivers, the server is back up.  I set its correct IPs on the new card, then start my rounds throughout the whole clinic checking on all the network connections.  I get to the first two, the front desk and realize I don’t have Internet.  I tell Jamie who is now on the server looking at another issue to check the DNS server. Sure enough the DNS server didn’t start up with the server because when the server started up, it didn’t have a network connection so the network services couldn’t all start properly.  Jamie starts up the DNS and I can get the Internet on the front two computers.  I then check their software for the office and it works on the front 2 computers along with the other 4 computers that are currently operational at the office.

1:30: Everything is good to go, we are out of here. Jamie drives from uptown out to Metairie to drop me off and then back to Chalmette he is headed to catch 2 – 3 hours of sleep…

2:00: We arrive home and Jamie takes off.  I find some Mac N Cheese with Broccoli and Chicken in a plate with aluminum foil covering it with my name on it, so I warm it up.  I find my wife taking a bath, and she says she is hungry as well, so I warm up some Mac N Cheese for her as well.  I let Buster out, and then when my wife gets out, we eat.

2:45: I remote into the front desk computers to make sure the printer is ready to go on both of them on a temp account as switching users will cause some confusion right now.

3:15: I start updating my happenings for yesterday/today.

3:35: I am done updating, and now I am going to bed.  I got a doctor’s appointment at 10, so I need to wake up for 9.  Goodnight world!

9:15: My phone alarm wakes me up.

9:30: I am up out of bed, and I let Buster out.

9:35: I sit down and eat a quick sausage with mustard sandwich.

9:40: I jump in the shower.

9:50: I am out the shower.

9:52: My sister is driving me over to Dr. Jacobs for a follow up.

10:05: I jump out the car at the third floor and let my sister go park.

10:10: I check in, and am seated right into room 6.

10:20: Dr. Jacob sees me, feels my neck and says he doesn’t feel anything in my neck. He asks how I am feeling, and I am feeling great, better than the last time I saw him, and I was really nauseated and he had to give me a phenegan shot. So yeah I would say I am doing a lot better. He wants to see me again before my next chemo cycle, so that will be 4 weeks before from now which will be right before cycle 3.

10:35: My appointment is done. I tell Suzanne hi on the way out.

10:40: We are back in the car heading to go get my bloodwork done.

10:45: I get a call from the doctor I was working with last night he has a few questions on the voip phone system and the status of things at his office.

10:52: Off the phone with the doctor, gotta call my wife back who called me while I was on the phone with the doctor.

10:53: I checkin at Quest Diagnostics to get my bloodwork done, just sitting in the waiting room.

11:00: They bring me to the back, but they cannot find my orders in the computer system. They tell me to call the doctors office and check on the orders.

11:05: I am on the phone with the Doctors office, they said they would put the orders right in.

11:10: Back in the waiting room.

11:30: I am shown to the back again. I am in the system this time. She is not having a good day. I tell her I am a hard stick, she doesn’t want to hear it.  I show her where they have stuck me successfully before, she tells me well let me see what I feel for myself because it doesn’t matter where they successfully stuck me before. She sticks my left anticubital area.  She attempts to take my blood. It doesn’t work.  After one stick she wants to give up on my anticubital areas and start poking my hands.  I tell her she is not going to try my hands.  I have had people blow veins in my hands, and I am not having another IV attempted to be started in my hands, no way.  She tells me fine then I am just going to have to someone else there try and stick me.  I had no problem with that.  She must have been having a bad day.  I was put in room 1.  The other nurse comes in and feels my arms, and goes for the favorite spot on my right anticubital area.  I tell her thats where everyone else prefers to go.  She says she feels it good, and preps me.  She sticks me, I don’t even feel the needle go in.  She gets the two vials of blood and pulls the needle out, I didn’t feel a thing!!!  Great stick, great nurse!

12:00: We are walking out of the Quest Diagnostics and back to my sister’s car.

12:05: On our way home.

12:15: We are home.  I start loading up my van with everything that my dad loaded into his CRV last night on the service call.

12:35: I am done loading my van and head over to my office.

12:45: I get to my office, go upstairs unlock my office, I grab my hand truck and make one trip up with everything out of my van.

1:00: I am up in my office and I start working on the computer from last night.  The computer is dead.  The vet needs their dental XRay machine back.  I find another computer in our office with a sata connection that is a Dell.  I take it apart, put the hard drive in, boot it up, activate Windows, install the hardware, put the machine back together.

2:15: Dr. Scott shows up at my office to see the phone system across the hall.  Since he needs a new phone system, he wants to be able to go with a VOIP phone system, more features and save money in the long run on costs.  We go across the hall, I show him the basic functions of the phone.  He makes a few phone calls to test the quality.  This phone system is using the internet connection as the connection to from the router to the pstn for a SIP trunk.  This setup allows up to 20 simultaneous phone calls.  I show him how the voicemail system works and how the intercom system works. I then bring him back over to my office, show him a different way of hooking up the same phone system by the individual analog lines into the router. This way AT&T can be stay around, until we get the new phone system in place, and then we will move the voice lines over to my VOIP Provider, and move the remaining Fax and Credit Card Machine lines over to Cox and drop the extra roll over lines, as the roll over numbers will no longer be needed since the new system will support multiple voice calls on one trunk.

3:00: Dr. Scott leaves. I will get him an estimate later tonight when I get home.

3:10: I go back to putting the finishing touches on the Dental XRay, I then pack it up, lock up my office and bring the computer down to my van.

3:15: I am in my van heading to the Vet’s office.

3:30: I get to the Vet’s office and make the phone call to dell for the warranty tech support on the main Xray machine. I take things apart testing things.  The finally are going to send out a motherboard and power supply with a tech to repair the machine tomorrow.

4:20: I get off the phone with the Dell tech.  Someone should be here tomorrow to repair the machine. I go upstairs and install the machine I brought with me, and get that up and running. I have Dr. Scott come upstairs to test out the Dental Xray, he plugs in the sensor and I need to install one more driver for the Dental XRay sensor. I go back downstairs and start working on the phone system.  I tell Dr. Scott when I see him again that the Dental Xray should be ready to go .  He goes upstairs and tests it, and it works fine. I am now in the process of removing all the phone lines from the phone system, so that the phone system can be removed.  I pull all 5 lines  The fax line I do not do anything with since they never answered it before.  One of the phone lines I cannot dial out on. I get a dial tone but I can’t dial out.  The 4 voice lines I start pulling one by one.

5:45: Jamie shows up to help me punch down the jacks since I shouldn’t be doing too much stuff with wires and punch down.  We get the two phones up front situated off of the old phone system along with line 1 and line 5.  We jump the bad line so it will be busy and roll over which is line 2.  Line 3 is the fax line so we just pull that off and leave that disconnected from the phones. Line 4 we jack to a whip for the temp cordless phones coming in tomorrow. We then clean up all the tools and the area.  We try to figure out how to make the closet neater with all the work that has to be done in it to replace most of the equipment that was destroyed yesterday.

7:00: Jamie and I leave the clinic.

7:20: I arrive home.

7:30: I am on the computer putting together the purchase list for the phone system for a estimate.

7:40: My mom runs off to the store to get some pizza’s to throw in the oven.  They had some fried chicken, but it was out too long for me to take the chance eating.

8:10: My mom gets back with a few things and the pizza.  I throw two pizzas in the oven and the rest into the back freezer.

8:30: The pizzas are ready, and time to eat.

9:00: I am done eating.  I let Buster out, and do a few other things in the house.

10:00: I am tired, but I gotta do some work.  I go in my room, lay in my bed and start putting together the purchase list/estimate.

11:59: Still working on the estimate, but this day is over with, check the continuation tomorrow.

© Craig