Chemo Day #2 + 11


7:45: I get a call from my mother saying that the plumber is on the way over to the house to install the gas line in the backyard, under the patio for the BBQ pit.

8:00: The plumber gets here I show him around and he gets to work.  I update him on why its been over 3 months since we had him do the estimate. He understands and we talk about many things on the subject.  He is actually the same age as me, and stuff like this is a wake up call.  I tell him I need some additional flavors from the BBQ pit again, regular cooked and getting food to go is just getting old.  He examines the job, puts together a parts list and then gets what he needs together.  He has to run off to the shop to get some pipe.

8:30: I sit by my computer and finish up the phone system estimate that I was working on last night.

9:00: He comes back with what he needs and gets to work on running the line, so back up into the attic for him.  I continue working on a few things on my computer at home.

9:30: He realizes that it is going to take very long running pipe in such a small space.  It will be quicker to run some gas flex line, so he has to run off again to get some.  I am almost done the estimate.

10:00: He returns and gets back to work, really moving along now with the flex line in such a tight space up in the attic.  I also finish up the estimate.  I start working on a few other things here and there, but waiting for the the plumber to finish up so I can head uptown to finish up some work on the xray machine.

12:00: He finishes up the pipe.  He puts on all the connection fittings and then hooks up the gas grill. He then gets his liquid solution to spray on the pipe connects to make sure that there is no gas leaking.  He then turns on the gas at the meter, an goes upstairs and turns on the gas at the cutoff.  No bubbles anywhere, so all is good.  He then turns on the pit.  It takes a while to flush all the air out the system before we get the gas smell.  We turn off the pit, and then turn it back on lighting it.  We feel the heat, so it is good to go, we have gas flowing.

12:15: He starts picking up all his tools, loads the truck, and makes sure the hot water heater is back on before he leaves.

12:30: I fill out a check for him and he is off on his way, telling me that I will be in his thoughts and prayers as well.  Again, can never have too many prayers!

12:45: Time for me to get a shower and head on out.  I make sure everything is locked up, get my clothes.

1:00: I jump into the shower.

1:30: I am out of the shower.  Before I leave I need to put the soffit covering back up to make sure no birds or other creatures get up into the attic.  I cut the vinyl to fit around the pipe, and then put the piece back up.  I have to bend it just right to fit back up, and then bend the ends just right to connect to the other vinyl already there.  I get my new shirt dirty in the process, blah, oh well, I just throw on another new shirt.

1:45: I am out the door and headed uptown.

2:00: I arrive uptown at the office.  The Dell technician has already come and gone and the computer is back up and running.  I turn it over so the power supply is up top so the heat is not going up through the whole computer.  I get a tech to try to shoot an Xray, nothing.  I see an issue the box that connects the XRay machine to the computer doesn’t have any power lights.  I call up the support for the XRays, we troubleshoot everything, they determine the box is defective.  They will fedex overnight a new box so it will get in tomorrow.  There is also an issue since the motherboard was replaced that the software needs a new license.  In case that is not in by this evening, he is also sending a loaner computer to take XRays on Saturday, Sunday and Monday if needed an then just ship it back.  I go outside and talk to the doctor about everything.  He approves ordering the phone system, so I will do that tonight.  I go back inside and shut everything down in the XRay room, and I am done for the day.

4:00: I am pulling out of the uptown office.  As I get closer to the Dome, the traffic gets worse because the Saints game is tonight.  I take another way home than I usually do.

4:45: I get home, and show my dad the new gas line etc.

4:50: I eat a link of Boudin sausage, mmm, first real thing I ate today.  I have been drinking plenty too, plenty of apple juice that is.

5:15: I lay on the sofa and watch the news.

6:10: We get the steaks and head outside.  This is the first time we are using this new pit.  We sear the steaks first and then let them cook on low the rest of the way through.  I go walk out to the garden and bring in at 8 eggplants from our garden.

6:45: The steaks are ready to go.

7:00: I am siting down eating BBQ steak which I haven’t eaten in at least a year because the other pit has been out of commission and not worth fixing up again.  The game is on, so catch ya’ll after.

10:30: The game is over.  What a horrible officiating crew.  4 passing interference calls that shouldn’t have been called, and a pass that was intercepted called back.  The officiating crew sucked!  This game was definitely an impossible win with the crew on the other side.  Too many reviews, why review a play twice, once for the call, and the again for ball placement, can’t they do that all in one viewing rather than running all over the field multiple times.  The announcers even said something how long the quarters were taking to be played and that all games are over in 3 hours, unless the game went into over time, no reason a regular game should go more than 3 hours much less 3.5 hours.

11:00: I am tired, I was almost falling asleep during the game, I just need to crash.  I go lay down in my room.  Goodnight world!


© Craig