Chemo Day #2 + 12


11:00: I am up.  I slept great.  I get up and let buster outside.

11:30: Before the rain comes, my dad said let’s go outside and change out the right rear light bulb on my van since the running light was burnt out.  My break light was good, just didn’t have a running light.  I had an extra bulb in the car, so that makes that simple.

11:45: We are back inside.  I take care of a good bit of work.  Ordering a number of things here and there for clients.  Mostly simple products such as toner and supplies to a little more involved, but nothing too major.

12:30: I eat some Boudin Sausage and some apple pie, mmm, good!

1:00: Back on the computer doing some research and following up on some emails.

6:00: We start cooking.  My dad and I are running the BBQ pit. I am actually flipping burgers and the chicken.  Its a little hot outside, but I can stand it, I just gotta be careful. We BBQ Some turkey burgers, turkey hot dogs, chicken, and sweet potato fries.  The new pit works great!!!

7:35: Armageddon is on TV so I watch it on an off while doing a few things an eating.  Mmm, good food!

10:00: I am just exhausted.  I am going to go turn on the tv, get on my laptop and whatever till I doze off…

© Craig