Chemo Day #2 + 13


3:00: I am awakened by a stupid prank caller blocking their number calling the main house number 4 times blocking their number.

3:30: I doze back off to sleep.

6:00: I am awakened by the lightning and thunder.  The lights flicker off twice because I can see my network equipment reboot itself in my closet twice.

10:30: I briefly wake up, but I doze right back off.

1:30: I am up.  This is the latest I have slept in a long time.  I feel rested. I get out of bed and let Buster outside.

2:00: My mom cooked some pasta and meat sauce and also made an eggplant and bell pepper casserole. Very good!

3:00: I check the computer for a few things, and order a few things more things for a few different clients.

4:00: I go outside to put the fluorescent light back up on the wall so that we can see under the patio at night.  I had to take it down because the gas line was going down right where the light was.  Now I have to put it back up because trying to BBQ last night in the dark wasn’t too much fun either.

4:30: I finish up the light and get the water siphoning back to the pond from the water catching garbage can again with all the rain that we have had today because it has not stopped raining.

4:45: I am back inside.  I go lay in bed watching the Pirates of the Caribbean with my wife.

6:30: I doze back off to sleep, just a little tired for some reason.

8:30: I wake back up.  I warm up the turkey hot dogs that my Dad and I BBQ’s last night for supper, and eat them.

9:30: I shave my head with the electric razor and then shave it again for a closer shave with my battery operated razor.

10:00: I am in the shower.

10:15: I am out of the shower.

10:30: I am in bed, resting, on the computer, and the TV on, but relaxed, just waiting to fall asleep again…

© Craig