Chemo Day #2 + 2


6:30: I am awakened by an email.  I read it, but not in the mood to respond right back to it.  Just feel like laying still for a while.  I doze back off.

7:15: I am just awake.  I had a nice nap yesterday, plus 7 hours of sleep for the night, so I am awake, but I just lay in bed with my wife and Buster.

8:30: I get a phone call from a client having trouble installing iTunes.  I remote into the computer, redownload iTunes and install it.  I also download and install QuickTime.  I then configure iTunes to pull the media library from the server instead of the local computer because of the large amount of iTunes media that is already on the server exceeds the limit of the desktop hard drive.

9:15: I am up out of bed.  I let Buster out.

9:30:  I fix myself 2 Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches on toasted wheat bread.

10:00: I am on my computer checking banking accounts paying bills on a personal front.

11:00: Starting to do admin work once again.

11:15: I am following up with a few emails from a client wanting to meet for some help with a tutorial, but I cannot spend much time with others because of the possibility of catching something that they may have, that they may not even have any side effects because their body is healthy enough to fight it off without even noticing it, but in my case any minor cold can easily get me very sick with my immune system weakened from the chemo.

11:30: Burping through out the day.  Some burping is more than a burp and doesn’t taste good at all, if you catch my drift, but just keep on drinking my Ginger Ale to flush down the awful taste.

12:00: I am actually doing some web programming for a tool that I am making.

3:00: Still programming, but now talking to my business partner on Google Talk about business plans and the outlook over the next few months with me being sick and with him busy with his other side contract job for the time being.

4:00: My dad is home, and my mom is at Rouses, I feel like a burger tonight, so she is picking up a few things to make that happen.

4:30: My mom gets home, I go outside and make one trip inside with 2 bags of groceries and told not to go back outside.

5:00: They start cooking, and I start catching up on some more admin tasks with a new bank account I started to open before all the medical craziness.  I finally finished opening the account and gained access to it online.  I will have to do a few more things to enable me to completely use the account like I want, but until then its open and that can be worked on.

6:00: I have to call a client to help remotely with getting a printer to work, so that is what I am going to do now.

8:30: I finish up the printer install, quick books update, scanner setup, and removing and resetting user account passwords, time to eat.

9:30: Good burgers and sweet potato fries.

10:00: I rest a little bit.

10:20: I go take a shower.

10:35: I am back on the previous computer doing a clean up.  It was so slow during the work I was doing and needs to be cleaned up.

© Craig