Chemo Day #2 + 3


12:35: I finish up removing unneeded programs with the computer that I was cleaning.  I just need to run a final clean and scanning program to finish the clean process.

2:00: The scanning process finishes and I am done with that computer.

3:00: I am up out of bed, feeling a little nauseated.

3:30: I take a nausea pill which should also knock me out for a little bit.

6:00: My wife gets up and gets ready for work.  She throws the sheet over my face before turning on the light.  Good thought, just the extra light will aggravate me at this point.  Starting to feel a little nauseated again.

7:30: I get up and take another nausea pill.  I know this one will knock me out again, so I let Buster out and back in and then back to bed I go.

11:15: My wife wakes me up with a phone call, she is just checking on me.  However, that is it, I am up.  I let Buster out again.

11:30: I am back on my desktop computer at the house.  Just some admin work and emails.  I am feeling a little nauseated, but I don’t want to take a pill just yet, but I think I will not before too long.

12:20: Just sitting here updated the world on my day so far.

12:30: Back to some programming.

1:30: I am hungry, I havn’t eaten anything yet all day.  My sister warmed up hot dogs earlier, and I am in the mood for hot dogs.  I warm up the remaining 4 hot dogs out of the pack and put each on a slice of wheat bread along with some ketchup and mustard.  Very tasty and filling.

2:00: My wife calls me letting me know she is on her way home.

2:15: I get a call from a delivery driver, trying to deliver a package, however she is on the wrong street, these streets get mixed up all the time, and I have to give her directions to the right street.

2:25: The delivery driver delivers the new printer that I ordered yesterday.

2:30: My wife and I go over to my office to check on the mail, and gather checks to deposit.

2:40: We get to the office.  She goes next door and picks up 2 packages that were delivered, while I unlock the doors to my office.  She then comes up to the front door and picks up all the mail off of the floor, and then I lock the front door and into the back door we go.

2:50: I sort through the mail. Pick out the payment checks, put them into the computer system, and prepare a deposit slip.  I also print payroll while I am in the office since it is supposed to be run today.

3:10: We leave the office and go to the bank to deposit the checks gathered today.

3:15: Through the drive through at the bank.

3:30: We arrive at home, with my dad pulling in right behind us.

3:45: I am back on my computer.

4:00: I get a phone call from a client to install a printer on their laptop.  However, I am having an issue with my phone system, so I start troubleshooting that.

4:30: I resolve the phone system issue and call back the client to install the printer.   The printer would not install properly, so I completely removed the installation that the client had tried and completely reinstalled from scratch.

6:00: I finally resolved the printer issue after a complete printer software removal and reinstall.

6:15: I eat some turkey gumbo that my mom had made.  YUMMY!  Good stuff too!

6:30: The Saints game is on, they are playing the New England Patriots.

9:00: I eat a hot dog on wheat with some ketchup and mustard.

9:30: The Saints game is over.  They lost, oh well, it’s preseason, still testing out guys in their positions.

10:00: I attempt to help my wife pay for her tuition to Delgado and when we log in to pay, we discover they do not take VISA.  Who doesn’t take VISA?  Blah, oh well, will have to work out something for tomorrow.

10:50: My wife goes off to visit a friend.

11:00: I am in bed, relaxing…


© Craig