Chemo Day #2 + 4


10:15: I wake up and get out of bed.

10:20: I let Buster outside.

10:30: I am on my computer taking care of tuition for my wife.

11:45: I am putting together a Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and Profit and Loss Statement for my CPA.  She just wants to compare the numbers I gave her in February to the numbers I have now to make sure I did not make any changes to the books for 2011 since I gave her the numbers for 2011.

12:00: I eat some Peanut Butter Cheerios 🙂

1:00: I go outside and play fetch with Buster, throwing the ball, and having him go get it and bring it back, while I help my sister look for some paints on the back patio.

1:30: I come back inside and start doing some admin work.

2:00: A client calls me, they are switching from AT&T to Cox for their phone, internet, and TV service for their business!  I support this 100%.  They just had some questions about changing the settings on the router to support the new service.  We did a few changes, and could not get online, so I had them set the IP to Automatic-DHCP for now.  I called up Cox, and after some troubleshooting with the client and Cox, we decided to leave it on DHCP and will get a new Static IP set once the issue is figured out.

3:00: I talk to my wife who came home while I was on the phone, and eat some hush puppies that she brought home from work 🙂 FOOD IS GOOD!

3:30: Catching up on Admin work and Billing.

3:37: I get a call from a potential client about a hard drive/computer issue.  I will troubleshoot the issue more when the client calls me back, but if it requires onsite support, I am seeing if Jamie can go take care of the call.

3:50: Updating ya’ll…

4:00: My dad gets home, and he relaxes and then sits at the computer next to mine in the living room. We talk some.

4:10: My mom is running errands after work. She is also picking up some ribs, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, and some sweet potato fries. Hey, its my choice so leave me alone… I wanted fried catfish that my dad makes just right, with just the right amount of spice. However after doing some research online, I have discovered that fish oils can interfere with the effectiveness of the Chemo drugs. So no fried fish for me, so other fried stuff will have to take its place.

4:30: I setup the new printer that was delivered yesterday. Wireless printing and scanning, small footprint, and also a laser printer. It will also put itself to sleep after 3 minutes and save electricity. We have an old HP Laser printer that works well with no issues, but it pulls electricity all the time. Also our scanner is starting to fail, and it would be nice to fax things from the house too. So this all in one brother multi function center will do the trick.

5:00: The printer is all setup. I install the drivers on all the computers in the house and show my dad how to scan.

5:45: My mom gets home with the groceries and food. I go outside and help her unload with my dad.

6:00: The cooking begins.

6:15: The first batch of jalapeno poppers come out. Yummy, but very hot. My wife burns her lip biting into one.

7:15: I am stuffed from eating the ribs, poppers, sticks, and fries.

7:30: I am in the lazyboy watching tv.

8:00: I start working on my sister’s Mac. I remove the extra printers she has and install the new printer. I don’t have her password to the computer and text her for it. I doze off waiting for her reply.

8:30: I am awaken by her reply and install the printer drivers on her laptop and then install the printer. I then install all outstanding updates on her laptop, including office and a few other important applications.

9:15: I am done updating her computer and back to just watching TV.

9:30: I can’t forget about my fans out there, so here I am updating yall on my happenings. Catch yall again in a little bit.

10:00: My dad and I watch gator boys.  Alligator wrestling, hunting, and removal.  Interesting show.

11:50: I am off to lay in bed and fall asleep watching TV.

© Craig