Chemo Day #2 + 5


8:00: I wake up, let Buster out, and then back to bed, for some more sleep.

11:00: I wake up to my dad tapping on the door.  He made pancakes this morning, so I get up and eat.  Very good, YUMMY!

12:00: I am laying on the sofa talking to my sister and parents who are in the other room on the computer and doing bills.

1:00: I doze off again on the sofa, just tired today.

2:15: I wake up, help my mom with something on the computer, and then get ready to watch the USA Women in the Gold Medal Basketball Game.

3:00: I warm up the left over mozzarella sticks and some tomato sauce, and eat this while watching the game.

3:40: Halftime.  Buster wants to go outside, and so I let him out, and he grabs his ball.  I go outside and throw the ball to him a few times.  I also start the water siphon again from the garbage can we used to collect water from the rain run off from the patio using the hose going from the can to the pond.

3:50: I come inside, give Buster a treat and get on my mini laptop in the Den, while sitting in the Lazy-Boy watching the game coming back on after half time, here on the blog updating the world once again 🙂

4:45: The USA Women Basketball Team have won the Olympic Gold.

5:00: My parents come back home from mass with Chinese food.  Mmm, good! YUMMY.  We watch myth busters proving that the Lunar landings where real and that the conspiracy theorist are wrong.  Interesting episode.

6:00: A special on the Mars Rover Curiosity landing is on the Discovery Channel.  They go through the whole mission of launching it to whole process of its landing.  Very Interesting.

7:00: Another Myth Busters.

8:00: A Classic!  Men In Black II.  Great movie and just never gets old for me.

9:00: My wife wakes up after napping after work.  I eat a small portion of Chinese food with her.

10:00: I get a shower.

10:30: Just trying to find something my dad put on my desk, I can’t find it, I’ll look for it again tomorrow.

11:00: I see I have no problem eating, but I gotta eat just a tad less, because I feel stuffed!  Oh well, at least I am able to eat and hold it down!

11:50: Back in bed once again with Buster laying by me, on my laptop and watching TV.


© Craig