Chemo Day #2 + 6


12:30: I wake up.  Yes its the afternoon already.  I slept well, very well…  Although I didn’t fall asleep to after 3 am.

1:30: I eat some left over Turkey Gumbo.

2:15: Pawn Stars is on the History Channel.  I don’t do much all day today but relax and watch TV.  Just sitting in the Lazy-Boy watching Pawn Stars after Pawn Stars episodes.

5:00: I get up and warm up and eat some left over ribs from Friday that are in the fridge.

6:00: I go outside and throw the ball to Buster a few times.

6:30: My dad is cutting the front lawn, and I go on my exercise walk.  I walk around 2 blocks and then rest on the front bench while he finishes up the lawn.

7:15: I take down a light off the brick wall outside because Friday we are getting a gas line dropped down that wall so we can finally use the BBQ pit that my dad got for Father’s Day because its natural gas and not propane like the last pit.

7:30: We turn on the closing ceremony for the Olympics.  Nice show!

© Craig