Chemo Day #2 + 7


10:00: I wake up, and just lay in bed for a little while.

10:15: I get out of bed and let Buster out.

10:25: I get my tools and head into the attic before it gets too hot up there.  It is pretty warm upstairs and the sweat machine turns on as soon as I get to the top of the ladder.  I’ll only be up here for 20 minutes at the most, so what the heck.

10:30: I get to the spot in the attic where I gotta work.  I take apart the phone wires that are wire nutted together as a temporary fix to I could get a telephone punch block, which I now have.  I punch down the line that was originally in the attic that I spliced first.  I then add a line that was going to 2 bedrooms that I had ran about a two years ago when redoing the bedrooms in the house and adding telephone and network cabling to the rooms.  I then add the 4th wire to the punch block which is the wire going to the front living room where the 3 computers and printer are, and now the new MFC which includes a fax machine.  I had run a telephone wire to the wall jack, but didn’t have the punch block to punch it down when I originally ran it so I left the cable in the attic.  I punched down the pair needed to run the telephone analog signal to the fax machine, put on the clips to connect to four clips on the punch block and then put it down.  I grabbed my tools, and it was time to get out of the attic, as now I was starting to drip sweat.  Before getting up, I noticed my arms and legs starting to go uneasy and shaking.  I knew I had reached my time limit up in the attic and now was the time to get out as my body couldn’t take it any more and I could see I was starting to over heat.

10:48: I am out of the attic.

10:50: I test faxing something to my office and it works with no issues.  Fax telephone jack activated 🙂

11:00: I am exhausted and a little hungry. I warm up some left over pork fried rice and eat that.

11:20: I lay in the Lazy-Boy and watch Pawn Stars and fall asleep for a little bit longer.

12:30: I am awaken by my mom calling the house checking on everything.

1:00: I get on my computer check my emails and create and send out invoices that I have for clients.

1:40: I take a shower and get ready to head to the office.

1:45: The thunder starts up and Buster hates the thunder, I put on his Thunder Blanket/Jacket and stay around a little longer for him to calm down.

2:15: It’s quiet outside again, I put Buster in his cage, and head on out.

2:30: I get into my office and check the mail.  I put in payments in to the system.

2:50: I am walking to the bank 2 blocks away.  I need my exercise, may as well walk.

2:54: I make the check deposit at the bank.

3:00: I get back to the office.  A little tired, but all is good, nice and cool here in the office.

3:10: Back to checking emails and doing some client work, some web related work.

6:00: Done at the office for the day.  Time to head on home.

6:15: I get home and I see the food is ready.

6:20: I get a bowl of red beans and rice and help myself to seconds.  MMM, good stuff.  I even add some Hot Sauce to it, to flavor it up some.

7:00: Supper was good, now back in the Lazy-Boy.  A little tired, but I turn on Pawn Stars on the History Channel

10:50: Still watching the history channel, about to go to bed, I am just tired…

© Craig