Chemo Day #2 + 8


3:00: I finally start to doze off.  I can’t fall asleep for some reason lately.  Thinking too much about everything…

8:30: I wake up to a client’s phone call with a phone system issue.  I log in remotely and reboot the switch and router.  I then make a configuration change in the switch and reboot the switch again, and the phones come back online.

9:00: I am still tired so I go back to bed.

10:00: My wife gets up to go to work.

10:45: I really fall back asleep.

12:30: I am awake.  My dad calls me shortly after to tell me about the 3D Printer wave of the future he hears about on WWL Radio.  3D Printers that make parts for Jay Leno’s old cars that cannot be purchased anymore, and also 3D printers that can make body parts, human organs, etc.  Pretty interesting, if you need a liver transplant, why not make a new liver based on your blood, dna, and genes, it would get rid of the rejection factor for transplants.  Interesting stuff.  I will have to research this some more when I have some time.

1:00: I eat a bowl of Peanut Butter Cheerios.  Good Stuff.

1:30: I am back on my computer checking email and a few things before I go jump in the shower and head to work for 4 hours.

2:00: I jump into the shower.

2:15: I am out of the shower.

2:20: I am on my way to the office.

2:30: I get to the office.

2:35: I unlock the front door, get the mail, and then lock the front door again.  I am not seeing any clients at this time because of the chance of catching something from closer direct contact.  I go into the back door and sit down at my chair and answer an email and close out some work orders.

2:50: I walk the 2 blocks to Iberia Bank down the street for my exercise.  It is about to storm.

3:00: The teller sees me after I wait 5 minutes in the lobby for a guy withdrawing a large amount of cash. After making the deposit, I turn around and walk back to my office.

3:05: I get back to my office, and chat a little with a good friend that I have known since I was 5 years old, went to school from K through College with him, who is also in the computer business, we throw work back and forth, and help each other out all the time.

3:20: Just updating ya’ll out there.

7:00: I am outta here, time for me to head on home.

7:15: I get home and sit in bed next to my wife.  My parents went to Mass and picking up McAlisters.

7:30: Supper is home.  I get the King Club and the Mac N Cheese for my side.  Good stuff 😛

8:00: I am in the Lazy-Boy watching Tanked, on the animal planet, a new show where they build custom aquariums, pretty sweet, I could see myself doing that.

9:00: I turn on TNT for my Franklin and Bash Finale.

10:30: I am in bed, a little tired, but I got the History Channel on and on the computer…


© Craig